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The Android world is no stranger to lawsuits, but the latest one coming from British Telecom goes right to the top. It's suing Google in the U.S. over claims that six of its  patents have been infringed on by technology found in Android, from the system itself through to Google+, Maps, Docs, Gmail and other Google services. 

The six involved patents are based around location based technology, navigation and guidance, and personalised access to content and services. One such example is said to be Google Maps' ability to display different information at different zoom levels. 

While BT claims it are acting in the interest of protecting their "intellectual property rights and innovation," Google has come out with the full intention of fighting the lawsuit. 

What isn't clear yet is whether or not BT intends to take similar action against Google in the European courts. 

Source: BBC

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Paradocks says:

Google: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's the Galaxy Nexus...go have fun.

British Telecom: Bah! Humbug!

dacp283 says:

Really? Displaying different info at varying zoom levels?? Yea its called greater or less detail and it's part of zooming in and panning out. These patent wars are completely ridiculous.

TheBigFerret says:

I bet ESRI has patents for this before anyone, and they haven't bothered suing. It's getting old.

rlb81 says:

I was thinking the same thing. But they're probably too busy trying to put out a third beta for 10.1. Hmm lets see what else they can break. Still rockin trusty old 9.3

wraith404 says:

"location based" .. you see, all these trolls have gone out and re-patented old ideas by duct taping them to a mobile device. Just pick any old computer patent, add the words "on a mobile device" and send it back in to the USPTO and it's gold. It won't stop until somewhere, some one with a little pull decides that regardless of whether a computer is 3 feet tall or 3 inches wide, that it's still a computer.

Gosh let's be serious British Telecom Go home and find a life..


Dutchmasta says:

i am sure Google did steal their ideas. they have stolen many, just like all the other major players in the industry. unfortunately, it's very difficult to protect intellectual property these days. it isn't who comes up with the best ideas that is the most successful, it is who implements them the best. Google is, without a doubt, the best implementer of ideas out there in their industry.

Hand_O_Death says:

I hope BT adds 1999 Mapquest to their list since it did the same thing.

dodgebusta says:

The British are coming the British are coming!

Come on I cannot be the first to think of that.

h0ruza#AC says:

Greed on top of greed. Funny how this is happening over here in the UK, instead its in a much bigger market.

And how is Apple free from such attacks?

Bored now corporations, so very bored!

SlimJ87D says:

Seriously... how is technology and software going to evolve if we continue to hog all the ideas to ourselves? How are we suppose to move forward as a society if someone keeps the knife, someone keeps the spoon and someone else keeps the fork?

I understand you can license some patents to use them, but some of these patents are freaking ridiculous! You can't have a radius on your tablet from X to Y in radius!

dmcman73 says:

So why sue only Google? Why not Apple and Microsoft? Their phones do the same thing.

JasonBunting says:

Dmcman73, they go after the biggest fish, and that is why it is Google and not Apple or MS. Follow the money!

keithz says:

Google should make a flat out statement. Any carrier that sues them will not be carrying Nexus phones. That should be a minimum policy.

pcw12kcox says:

And how would that impact BT exactly?!

wraith404 says:

They are probably just pissed because they are bleeding subscribers from their antiquated landline services to an industry that still innovates.

Axe says:


Googlett says:

Ummm! I'm beginning to think that Google Voice is just about landing in the UK!