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Android Central

Google Music has gone and gotten itself an update in the Market, and that Beta tag has finally been lost. That's right folks, invitations are no longer required and Google Music is open to all. 

Open to all though still only applies if you're within the U.S., so for the rest of us, there's still no official way of setting up an account. 

The application update also brings with it a host of bug fixes, and the seamless integration with the Music store in the Android Market. All your purchases will now automatically appear within the app. 

If you're about to start using Google Music for the first time, you'll want to check out our complete guide to using the service.

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Pretty sure they opened it up a while ago. Mine hasn't said beta in a while.

dajmeister says:

Uh, this happened a couple weeks ago.. this update was just a bugfix update.

Sledgejammer says:

Ya that was part of the anouncement that took place when they also opened the store.????

HAAS599 says:

Google just left the "what new" info from the last update and added bugfixes to it for this update.

Alopez_45 says:

Ooh i see what you did there. I almost fell for it. :)

reissc1 says:

This service has been anything but seamless for me. My purchases rarely show up in the music app. I have to go to the market to play them. Anybody else?

when in doubt, clear your cache. They will populate.

BarneyDroid says:

You do know that there are two separate Music apps right? One that probably already came on your phone and one that you have to download.

You do know there is/was a known cache bug that prevented new music from populating right? We can be dicks too. Doesn't mean it makes you a know it all.

This article just proves the lack of talent on this website sometimes...

zhecht says:

Umm, http://www.androidcentral.com/updated-google-music-app-now-available

"Google Music is now out of beta and is open to all users without an invitation."

Posted By Phil Nickinson 16 Nov 2011 5:55 pm

Exactly one month ago.

WintersIsaac says:

I had to look at the date of this post. Lol my first thought was, "why is this old post showing up in my Google Reader stream again?"

Small_law says:

they fixed some bugs for ICS. None of the mp3's i purchased through Amazon and uploaded to Google Music were showing up on the Galaxy Nexus. After this update, they appeared.


Works perfectly outside of the US, I live in the UK and use it everyday flawlessly!

monstermav1 says:

Hey how did you get it to work outside off the us

olliex11 says:

I got it up and running in the UK too... Download the Tor browser and set up an exit node in the US. There's a guide floating round on Engadget for us UK users for how to do it. Really straight forward too

Was a joy when I switched on my new Galaxy Nexus to find the music app on there and working!

dlcullen says:

I love Google music, much better than Amazon's! It's much faster and easier to work with.

Did you see 25 cent Holiday music today on Android Market! No more 10 cent apps, but I LOVE Christmas music, I'm excited :)

yurdle says:

Yeah.. pretty sure its been out of beta for about a month now. As someone pointed out Phil posted this on Nov 16th. Do the Editors/Writers not check previous posts?

mdye says:

anyone else catch the extreme irony that the device they're showing is a stock Galaxy Tab while those of us with TouchWiz have not had a single update to the market and therefore cannot use this feature via the Market app?

jnaught says:

The only thing holding this back is not yet having warner bros on board. I had to go to Amazon to purchase the new Black Keys album - annoying.