Google Maps updates to v5.3.1

We'd love to tell you all about this Google Maps v5.3.1 update but -- Google never included a changelog for us this time around. Judging by the e-mails we've received since the update started to roll out, we're not the only ones curious as to what, exactly was changed. While we don't have the answers to that, please feel free to drop some comments for us and let us know if you've spotted any changes within this update. Download is after the break for everyone. Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

Update: Reader Joe found the changelog, which reads as follows:

This version should fix the Manage My Places and auto-checkins issues you've been reporting in this thread and elsewhere in the Forum.

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alphanu22 says:

seems faster and it hasnt crashed yet...

Droid X

briankurtz79 says:

Your maps crashes?! Get a new phone dude. You broke that 1

Actually no. The last few versions have been pretty unstable on the Dx cause freezes and reboots. ITs was a fairly common problem

briankurtz79 says:

Ummmm.... like I said, new phone
EVO ftw!!!!

Versed says:

Maybe it was just a bug fix, and for some reason, they just didn't provide a change log. I downloaded, worked fine.

darb76 says:

Automatic check-in for Latitude seems to be working again.

BlackHawkA4 says:

Hopefully when I move from this spot my location will work without wifi and GPS.

APeX3181 says:

Ever since the previous update, my screen on my OG Droid cannot be turned off while in navigation. I thought this update would have fixed that...guess I was wrong.

wyldemf says:

Maybe they made it stop randomly starting and running in the background, and guzzling CPU.

Mike_is_Mike says:

Hopefully this update will enable Google to find me in my house instead of saying I'm a half mile down the road.

BlackHawkA4 says:

Yup. Didn't fix my issue where the cell network indentifies me. As soon as I turn off wifi I'm 25 miles away where I was 2 hours ago.

I'm sick of the epic.

BlackHawkA4 says:

Actually I think they may be working now. Hmm. Need to test more later.

What model phone are you people using and what sort of locale are you in? My latitude location are spot on with my nexus one majority of the time.

rak007 says:

I would be even more happy if google introduced some sort of maps download facility and offline mode for people like me who cannot have a data connection all the time. Similar to what ovi maps does.

Also i have no clue why google navigation is not available in all countries (I live in India). Surely there is a workaround but why is it not a out of box functionality for all of the world. I fail to understand that.

bscabl says:

it wont let me update.. problem started last version with the famed download unsuccessfull issue.. then i did the "fix" all over the interwebs of clearing markets cache and data.. now the stupid thing doesnt even tho maps is installed and it still wont download.. last time this started i just waited it out.. *sigh

s3r3naa says:

I cant seem to locate maps in the market. is it only available in selected markets?