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Google Maps for Android has received a minor update today, bringing it up to version 6.4.0. The new version introduces some minor changes to Google Maps Navigation on ICS devices. Gone is the large, unwieldly vertical list activated by the menu key -- in its place is a more accessible grid-based setup. And as part of Google's ongoing war against the menu overflow key, those pesky three dots are no longer present in Maps Navigation in ICS -- they're replaced with a completely different menu key a few pixels above your virtual buttons.

In the unlikely event that you're not currently using Google Maps, we've got the Android Market Google Play Store link after the break. We've also got a screenshot of the new Navigation menu, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Google Maps updated with simplified Navigation menus


Google cannot figure out this menu thing can they? One of the few things I still miss about WebOS was a very well thought out design for all of this UI stuff from version 1.X.

Oh well, at least we get yearly OS updates over here on Android so we have constant improvements to look forward to.

Ah, no, its pretty much the other way around. Its IOS that is still stuck with its kindergarten UI, even after stealing notifications from from Android.

This is simply a minor tweak on Google's part.

I like it better so far. Seems more intuitive throughout. They have sub-menus that seem logical as well.

I also noticed that the previous navigation's raspy-sounding woman voice now seems more "normal" sounding after the update, sans raspiness. Anyone else notice this? If true, this is a great thing, as I hated that old navigation voice ...

Good for Google, sometimes they really need to work harder on usability.

Yet, every time I read the word "simplified" in a positive context, something inside of me dies...

Every Google Maps upgrade, I keep hoping for navigation from a custom MyMaps route. Look at any Google Maps related board and it is almost always a #1 wish of many. How hard can it be? C'mon Google, give those of us who use Google Maps to create a custom route and then want to use the navigation feature with it.

After upgrading I can't find navigate by mass transit. Seems there until you try to select a destination then it reverts to driving. edit: add
Happily you can still nav via mass transit through the mobile web Google maps, even if you upgrade the android app.

They fixed a nasty bug I kept seeing, where the Navigation app would crash once you started entering text for the "Navigate by typing" option.