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Google continues to add features to its Maps service for mobile, and the latest version of Google Maps for Android adds in a couple of small changes which may make it easier to get around. First up, there's a new home screen for Google Maps Navigation on Android 4.0 devices. Secondly, Google's improved the way Maps works on phones with high resolution displays, like the Galaxy Nexus, and optimized the way text and vector graphics are shown on these devices. Finally, you can now prioritize a particular mode of public transport when getting directions, and specify fewer transfers or less walking depending on your preferences. Google says that public transport schedules and directions are now available for 475 cities around the world.

Along with today's update comes the news that Android users have navigated 50 billion kilometers To give a little perspective, Google points out that's ten times the distance from Earth to Neptune, the farthest planet from the Sun. As Maps for Android approaches its fourth birthday, it remains a major differentiating feature for Google's OS. In the very unlikely event that you're not already using it, you can find Google Play Store links after the break.

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moosc says:


RochelleBr says:

Sounds good, I've updated the map to see what changes, Google always make you surprise

nscott69 says:

Great update, love the new feel of the navigation app.

icebike says:

Still Crashes under Honeycomb frequently. On the street map, Scroll anywhere, zoom out - Bam. Never crashes on the phone, only on the Tablet.

briankurtz79 says:

That sucks. Never done that on my tab 10.1

scaots says:

Looks less sharp on GNote unless you are zoomed in pretty far

jazzbassist1 says:

Definitely the best app in the Google Play Store. As an Android user, I often feel the apps we have are either equal to or less than their equivalent on iOS, but no iOS developer has yet to match Google Maps on Android. I agree with Alex, it is a huge differentiating factor for Android.

medic673 says:

Still mad that these cool new features are ICS specific. I mean this is the second major update that google did for the 4% of folks who have ICS....IMHO this is not cool!

KrsWon says:

I had troubles at first, telling me it would process soon. So I went to Play in my browser and sent to my phone. Downloaded immediately.

KrsWon says:

Also, there is a new Flash Player update.

dimsdale says:

Had the same problem and fixed it the same way.

WesR6 says:

I think google needs to add support for truck routes! With the popularity of android, smart phones are more commen than ever is semi trucks and adding a truck route option would be great. I know of atleast 1 paid app that does this but for the $150 price tag you get a very dated looking app / interface. I persoanlly use google maps in my truck but I have the advantage of being a local driver so I have an idea of which roads are ok for me to travel on.

xeroslash says:

I don't care what anyone says. Pluto will always be a planet to me ;_;

I love the way the update looks on ICS, I wish they would send more of those UI enhancements to the the rest of us non-ICS phones!

jason821 says:

This app alone makes the purchase price of an android phone worth it.

foxbat121 says:

The new Navi ICS UI took me by supprise. It took me couple minutes to figure out how to get to Contacts and Starred places. It rips a UI design page straight off WP7, specifically pan0arama control. Nothing like that ever implemented on Android apps as far as I can tell.

LadyDi says:

I want an ICS phone now just so I can see the "cool".