Google App Updates

Google has just pushed out some bugfix updates in Google Play for both Maps and Earth, along with a couple of feature improvements for Drive. Those improvements for Drive are the ability to stream video files from the app on devices running Android 3.0 and above, as well as the ability to now use pinch-to-zoom in the presentation viewer. Maps and Earth aren't getting anything notable, but we're never going to turn down a good set of bugfixes that will improve the overall experience of using these apps.

You can grab the latest version of Google Drive for the new features at the Play Store link above. If you're interested in picking up the bugfixes for Maps and Earth, they can be found here and here.


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Google Maps, Drive and Earth updated with bugfixes


The permissions for all of these Google apps now allow Google to gather all of your phone information and collect everything about your calls. There is also a feature allowing the apps to collecct and send both audio and pictures without any notification or approval. Of course, they collect your location info to better target the adds. Why aren't there screaming objections to these "features"?

I just opened THIS page and saw a direct advertisement for a gs3 flip cover I was looking for the other day. A little creepy ??? Maybe. But what is everyone so worried about the privacy issue for? Are you in the mob or something? No one cares what your doing. Get over it.

On another note. How do I transfer multiple files into a new folder in Google drive? Is it possible our do you have to do it one at a time? This has been frustrating me.

So what? I still see pictures of Chrysler 300s. Even when visiting foreign sites.

Welcome to the internet.

Lots of the ads here are powered by Google.
Google feeds you ads related to your prior searches.
Don't like that? Then don't log into Google, or use an incognito window, or clear and turn off cookies.

As for file transfer, If you want to do it from your PC, Download and install Google Drive for Windows. If you want to transfer multiple files to your drive from Android, you can use ES File Explorer (free). It knows how to handle drive (as well as dropbox and several others). Just mark dozens of files on the phone, and then transfer them all to Drive. It works quite well.