This was to be expected. After Google gave away free HTC Magics aka the Google Ion at Google I/O, people were bound to put this special edition, possibly Android Dev Phone 2 onto eBay. Users hit quick and capitalized on the lack of an official US HTC Magic to maximize profit--it seems that more than a few people are looking to make a quick buck rather than incorporate a wonderful phone into their daily life.

The prices are pretty amazing considering everyone got one for free at the conference. What would you guys have done, sell the Google Ion on eBay or keep it and use it? Let us know! We think we would have kept it, used it, and sold our T-Mobile G1 instead!



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Google Ion AKA Free HTC Magic Already Posted on eBay


I would have kept it even though I am not on T-Mo. I think Android is intriguing and to able to get a unreleased phone for free would be so awesome.

I would definitelly keep it. It looks really cool, and maybe I would eventually start writing some android applications :)

I was at Google I/O and got one of these phones. It is an amazing little gadget and I plan on keeping it and using it often. I can see someone wanting to make a quick buck but it is their loss. Definitely a must see phone and fun to use. I think this was a great move by Google not only to promote this product but to help ensure people start making great apps for it, I know I will! :D

The only real problem I have with it is the on-screen keyboard is easy to "fat finger" things and hit the wrong character when typing (a touch pen could help there) but they have a great little auto correct and dictionary suggest feature that helps with this.


I got one at Google IO, and I'm keeping it. Sweet little
gadget. Can't wait for the new Google Wave implementation
to be available.

I was looking for something like this. Thanks!

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