Google IO

We've got just a month and a half before Google IO hits San Francisco once more, and Google's just posted the list of sessions for this year's three-day event. As you can imagine there's more than a bit of Android on the agenda, with 20 sessions currently listed. (And it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see one or two more added before June 27 arrives.)

We've yet to find any hidden gems in the session listings -- no "Hey, come check out Jelly Bean" or anything like that -- but there's a whole lot that you coders (and us kibitzers) can look forward to. Hit the link below for the whole thing.

Source: Google IO sessions schedule


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Google IO sessions schedule listed - Android abounds


I won "Find the Jerry!"

Now I get a new GN, right? ;)

Btw, thanks for all of your hard work Phil, you guys have been doing an AMAZING job on the site! Especially Mr. Dobie there, been craking out some A+ articles. Man needs a raise!

I want a phone the size of Jerry's tag around his neck...
Just think, a big phone around my neck that rings "Bling, Bling".

No tablet specific sessions. :-( I was hoping Google would do something to focus on getting tablet apps up to scratch.