Google IO 2011

Attention developers, manufacturers and Android nerds the world over: Registration has opened for Google IO 2011, May 10-11 at Moscone West in San Francisco. And if it's anything like last year's developer's conference, you're going to want to get in early.

Last year we saw the unveiling of Android 2.2 Froyo, Google TV and a host of improvements to Google Chrome. This year? The sky's the limit, though we're expecting a good bit on Honeycomb and Google TV.

General registration is $450 through April 16, $550 thereafter, and $150 if you're in academia. Register now at

Update: Yeah, the page is down for the count. Don't blame us. Or do. Up to you.

Update 2: Yeah, it's official. Google IO 2011 is now sold out.

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Averix says:

Can't get in. 503 errors. :(

whoisjlk says:

The site is flooded with registered though :)

Averix says:

I keep getting one page further after a billion tries and errors. Probably be full by the time I crack through. Ug.

Averix says:

I do find it mildly humorous that Google, which takes 1 bajillion hits every day can't handle a little registration traffic. ;)

They used a third party company to handle registrations, WebEvents LLC I believe.

Gameboy70 says:

Maddening. Google's server capacity should have better uptime than Twitter. WTF?

swindelljd says:

If you ping the server you'll find it is using Amazon AWS to serve the registration pages. Seems that they have taken the domain out of DNS for the moment because I get "Server Not Found".

IzelTokatl says:

yeah for registration.. boo I was in to the last section to enter a password then boom, server error, now I can't get back in... its rather funny since it is google.

saldy, its sold out... but I entered a password! NOT fair

for anyone else, I went to my cache to find the original url/code that I got in with, and picked up where I left off.. im going to IO!

shammer64 says:

Got in early before the site errors. Can't wait to get out there now!

wesbland says:

Glad I was ready at noon. Just made it in under the gun!

swindelljd says:

Great I cant register and I already have flights and hotel....

Gameboy70 says:

Arrrgh! I tried to register on my phone, thinking (correctly) that there would be less traffic on their mobile site. But I got the message, "Thanks for your interest in Google I/O, but registration for this event is now sold out."

The tickets weren't even on sale for an hour!

goblueboy says:

so is this going to be live or no?

jraskal says:

Sold out already.....................................................

Averix says:

Yes!!!!!! Got it! Kept refreshing with my original assigned number in the URL instead of starting over and got in. See some of you there in May!

Are you guys sure it's sold out? Still lets me get to the registration page if I try again...

geoffking74 says:

I made it to the second page where you enter in your address and user name and got the error i just refreshed that page and finally got in.

Mariodroid says:

I wonder if we have to wait until then for the official gingerbread update for Nexus One...

terpdog says:

No luck for myself this year. By the time I was able to get through it was sold out. Well maybe next year.

ricking says:

why even post it!!! nobody on here got a ticket

markus#AC says:

Got one. Walked out of coffee shop angry as hell. Sat in taco stand and checked Twitter. Apparently if the server crashed on you while trying to register that may have counted. Went back to Google to try again from cached 503 web page. Went through and was charged. Hopefully this sticks!

nickus1982 says:

I am in.. Got my confirmation email and everything.. Man
I so can't wait this is going to be exciting..

jerrykur says:

If anyone decides they do not want to go let me know. I have been waiting for this for almost 6 months.

I was on the site from 09:01 to 09:30 PST and could not get through. The site kept returning Service is unavailable when you hit the register button.

Did everyone have a registration #/code?. If so, where did you get it?

I hope google videos ever session and posts it for the thousands of developer that need this information.

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