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Google is a software giant, and many of us user their proprietary applications on our Android phone.  With good reason -- apps like Gmail, Androidify, and YouTube absolutely rock on an Android device.  But did you know that Google, Inc. has a veritable laundry list of apps available on the Android Market?  They're all free, too! 

Some of you more Android savvy types might already know of them all, but for the rest of us there's an easy way to have a look at them, using search while in the Market app on your phone or tablet.  Just open the search dialog using the search button on your phone or the search icon in the Market, and look for Pub:"Google Inc."  That's a search by publisher -- in this case, Google, Inc.

So can you guess all the Google apps? We've given you seven freebies, and we've got your list after the break. Thanks for the tip, cdubbs!



Google Apps Device Policy

Google Chrome to Phone


Google Translate


Google Authenticator

Google Body

Google Voice

YouTube Remote

Google Moderator

Google TV Remote


Panoramio Uploader

Google Buzz Widget

Google Shopper

Gesture Search

Google Pinyin IME


Voice Search



Intersection Explorer

Google Search

Google Reader

Google Earth

Street View on Google Maps

Google Goggles

Google Maps

Google Books

Car Home

Google Korean IME

Google Sky Map

Google Shopper

音声検索  (Voice Search Chinese)

It's worth noting that not all of these will appear in a search done on your phone.  That's because the Market's filtering software will see what model, what version of Android you're running, and your location to determine what applications are available to you.  That's much easier than trying them all to sort out what works and what doesn't, so we're not complaining.

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It didn't work.

JayPhill89 says:

Try going to any Google app listed and scroll to the bottom of its page. Click view more applications and it shows all of the apps by Google

Nimocone says:

Didn't work for me either.

SkroBot says:

New I haven't learned anything
At whom appendices are inaccessible to those - establish to itself marketaccess

Caleb Morris says:

Doesn't work for me either.

kentusmc says:

Not working :'(

beatleshelp1 says:

Didnt work for me but find a google app i.e. blogger then scroll to the bottom and click on view more applications and it will do it automaticly.

Stovicek says:

It should be pub:"Google Inc."

It's a lower case 'p' for 'pub'.

Alternately, you can just go to one of Google's apps and touch View more applications under Developer Info in the app details.

Seba617 says:

tried it like this too and it didnt work either...

Caleb Morris says:

make sure to do the quotation marks and colon

kingtz says:

Finally worked! Thanks.

tongas says:

no need to do the pub: thingy, simple search for google, inc. will get you on train... this is another of those things to make simple things complicated. i've done this tenths of times when I need to find them apps. Additionally there's APPBRAIN which will show you ALL APPS and you'll be able to install them even if they're country or carrier blocked. Cheers.

cloudy_k says:

doesnt work with all of google's apps for example Open Spot app was uploaded by "Open Spot Team at Google"...........

C'mon seriously!? I would think that a site dedicated to android would have writers that are a bit more knowledgeable. Had to create an account because I just HAD to comment on this article. When you select an application, for example Google maps, scroll down and select the option VIEW MORE APPLICATIONS and you will see all the apps available for that publisher. no need for keywords buddy... I thought everyone knew this. And yes, there are Google apps that are not from publisher Google Inc, for example Open Table as previously stated and My Tracks to name another. TADA!

Davest says:

Dude...relax. All the author was trying to do was save us a step. If you pay attention, all the View More Applications button does is run the same search that the author described. Look at the top of the list after clicking View More Applications on a Google app and you'll see "33 results for "pub:"Google Inc."". can either search for a known Google app and click the View More Apps button, or just start with the pub search. Your choice.

Sorry you went to all the trouble of creating that account just to make yourself look like an idiot.

Google needs a separate tab just for their apps.... There is no reason you should have to hunt for google apps in the damn Android Market

todahisreal says:


H13 says:

Doesn't work as described on Xoom or Evo. It won't find "EA Mobilie" either.

dacp283 says:

is it because you didn't spell mobile correctly in your post.

dually says:

Ok so the question I have about the panoramio uploader is that when I tried it before, the photos didn't upload with the gps metadata from where you took the picture, but instead assigned a location from where you were standing when you uploaded the picture.

This of course is useless if you take the picture out in the hills where you couldn't upload it from the same location that you took the picture if there is no cell service or otherwise don't feel inclined to upload your photo immediately.

The workaround obviously was to share to picasaweb instead, and then go to picasaweb on your desktop and share your geotagged photo from there to panoramio.

acherry#AC says:

When is Google gonna develop a Picasa app? Yes, there are others out there,, but really, come on Google..

I have a question. How can we determine which apps are from google and which are not when downloading apps from Google play?