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Google Goggles is pretty damn cool, being able to nearly instantly recognize just about anything you can take a picture of. And in Version 1.3, it's gotten faster -- and smarter.

First off, scanning barcodes is much faster. Takes about a second now. Then there's the print ad feature -- scan the ad and it'll find search results about the product. And what's really cool is that you can scan a Sudoku puzzle and have the puzzle solved for your lazy butt get a little help. It's pretty damn cool. Video of it in action and download links are after the break. [Google]

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CarterGuy says:

Tried to install but just give network errors when trying to take a picture. Most of the comments from today in the Market say the same thing. Samsung Fascinate.

icebike says:

Force Close, and then restart.

jmosky says:

Haven't tried scanning anything yet. What it needs first of all is move to SD card. The app is 3.4 mb.

El Jefe says:

You may want to check again...I can move the app to the SD.

icebike says:

Via what method?

jbsyst says:

me too, apps2sd detected and moved it when I updated

El Jefe says:

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Goggles > Move to SD card.

Do you not have a device with 2.2 or something?

Trebus says:

Since update all i get is connection problem error code 502, Htc Wildfire and Desire.

SpYd3r05 says:

Android Central Effect?

DNicolasL says:

I'm getting 502 too

It's giving error messages with this update

icebike says:

The other neat feature is the ability to turn on the flash (if you have one) when taking a picture without having to dig thru the menus.

And they have silenced the SnapShot sound when you take the picture. Love that.

If you have errors, kill the app, and restart it. Seems to work find then.

gafly says:

Bugs galore!

1) Network errors
2) Flash turns on... then turns off.. then turns back on and begins to blink erratically

awperk says:

my guess is they updated it to be more in line with google shopper. the bar code reader on that has been insanely quick.

dacp283 says:

Someone is seriously complaining about app 2sd because it's. 3.4 megs? Get a life that's nothing. If your phone can't handle that you have bigger issues.

icebike says:

Its hardly the ONLY app on the phone, wiseguy.

DNicolasL says:

A simple reboot fixed the problem for me. The barcode scanning is much faster.

Kerensky97 says:

It does sudoku now? Is this another listed feature that never works like translating Chinese/Japanese Kanji?

fwdixon says:

well, update is successful, but it won't solve my sudoku puzzles on my NookColor. Doesn't even recognise they are sudoku puzzles.

Go Android! says:

Works great on my Evo...sorta. I looked up sudoku puzzles from Google on the computer and scanned them with the app. It'll pull up where I got the puzzles from but won't scan them.

Axic10 says:

Tried to updated but I keep getting unsuccessful: package file was not signed correctly....any help?

Works like a charm...Amazing google keep it up! They fixed 502 with update already.

JkdJedi says:

Think this can replace the barcode scanner app?

icebike says:

Barcode Scanner is faster for just bar codes.
Autofocus, grabs the barcode as soon as its in focus without you having to tap the shoot button.

But for non-bar codes, Goggles is great. If you only want one, get goggles.

lafountain says:

An update to the update is already out. The new update fixes the 502 error.

icebike says:

If you downloaded earlier and are seeing 502 errors head back to the market and get the second fix.

Also Barcode Scanner got an update today as well.

it recognizes the image as a sudoku puzzle to solve, but occasionally it doesn't detect all the numbers in the puzzle (prior to solving), which can lead to an incorrect answer.