Want to keep your employees around? How about some cold hard cash.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt apparently sent out a company-wide e-mail informing all employees that they're getting a $1,000 holiday bonus, plus a 10 percent raise come the first of the year. Schmidt said how surveys of employees had revealed that base pay was more important than benefits to most Googlers, and that Google "want[s] to continue to attract the best people..." The raise will go into effect this coming January for all of Google's 23,000 employees. Except for one person, the guy who leaked the e-mail. He's been fired, apparently. [Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CNN Money]


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Google gives blanket 10% raises -- tipster gets fired


Why would Google fire a guy for leaking an email that proves that the company is strong? More importantly, HOW did they find out who the leak was? Obviously, if he sent it from his company email then he took the risk, but I still think it's stupid to fire someone for that.

American society in general and by extension all american companies don't offer salary or increase information to anyone, is supposed to be between your company and you. Maybe your close family knows how much you make and that's it.

Then you go outside the US and everyone knows how much you make, friends, acquaintances, your entire family, etc.

Is just a private American thing, it is what it is.