Google Voice is awesome, we can tell you that much. We'll leave it to Google to fully explain what Google Voice is. So if you ever wanted to know what exactly Google Voice is, Google just released a series of videos explaining what it is, what it does, what it can do, and so on. It's styled in that typical Google-sketch and is easy to watch and just as easy to understand. Google has even set up a YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

The Google Voice integration on Android is Android's trump card. No other platform offers a better Google Voice experience. Get to know Google Voice today!

[official google blog]

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Davest says:

Cool. Now all we need is for them to explain Bing.

MBSMD says:

I think you mean Buzz...

Toro says:

I don't know if Buzz will lure me away from Facebook. I would've preferred if Google integrated Facebook kinda like how Yahoo does it.

rufflez says:

BGR is stating that they are getting sued... another Californian frivolous lawsuit stating that people weren't opted in and was reporting people's location.

sjcea says:

Are you able to make phone calls on Google Voice free of charge ??? Not international just call throughout the USA ?? I use google voice for texting where I dont get a signal and it works great

voghan says:

How about instead putting up a bunch of videos about Google voice, opening it up so people can give it a try? I've seen the videos, just let me use it already.

sjcea says:

I have been using Google voice for a few months now. Works great but I'm sure I'm not even using close to all its features. Will dig deeper into it tomorrow

Until it lets me make calls over WIFI, my Gvoice account will stay dusty.

havrin#AC says:

I have been waiting 8 months for them to have google voice numbers for my zip code! I can't seem to find anyplace to find out if/when they will ever have numbers for my local area. Anyone have any links?

tallbruva says:

Don't know what's so "awesome" about Google Voice. I've been using it for a while primarily for transcription. A function that is truly horrible, I might add. There are others out there like YouMail and PhoneFusion that do it much better.

The only reason I still keep it is because it's free and I'm hoping it will improve.