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Total number of countries with access to Play Books reaches 36 worldwide

Google is expanding the availability of Google Play Books today to New Zealand and several new countries across Asia. Taking the total number of countries up to 36, these nine new countries now have access to one of the largest online book stores in the world:

  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • New Zealand

Folks in the above countries can download the recently redesigned Google Play Books app and begin to browse through free and paid titles in the Books section of the Google Play Store. Together with a large expansion in availability to 13 new countries back in July, Google has tripled the number of countries that have access to books in 2013.

Source: Google Play Support; Via: Android Police


Reader comments

Google expands Play Books store to several new countries


Finally some love for the Philippines! I've been waiting for Google Play Books to get here. Looks like my Nexus 7 will see more use.

Singapore represent!

Now this is a win-win situation, Apple has music and movies in singapore but the iBooks is still lacking, Google play on the other hand is the opposite!

I was pleasantly surprised to open Google Play and noticed that Google Books is accessible in the app. I hurriedly downloaded the Google Play Book app and am enjoying it as I type. I am now contemplating replacing Aldiko with it.

So, when can we buy nexus devices from the Play store in the Philippine Islands?

Ok, so Google Play Books is displayed in Filipino here... I need to get it to display English. Anyone know how to? I already have English US set on my Google Account Settings.


Contacted Google support regarding the language display on Google Play Books. This is the message replied from Google:-

"Thank you for contacting Google. I'm glad you took the time to contact us and will make sure to do everything I can to assist you. Our collection of content varies by country, so your view of the Play Store will differ depending on your location. At this time there are no option to alter the content displayed".

Posted via Android Central App

That would suck... The language preferences should have followed our Google Account language settings. It's kinda stupid for them to do that really....