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In case you hadn't noticed yet, Google Earth is once again available on the Motorola Droid with Android 2.1. (It was missing for some people after the update, and there for others. Why? We dunno.) Anyhoo, we decided to have a little fun with it and put it side by side against the Google Nexus One (also running Android 2.1, natch) to see which phone better ran the hefty app -- it still weighs in at a rather massive 22 megabytes installed. Check it out after the break.

Update: D'oh! Didn't have WiFi turned on with both devices in the first video. So, there's new video after the break. (Also, no, the Droid's not overclocked. It's the stock 550Mhz.)


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Google Earth returns for the Droid with 2.1 (and we put it up against the Nexus One)


Looks like less lag/delay on the N1. But maybe slightly better zoom animations on the Droid. I think the 1GHz processor on the N1 results in the quicker response. But it could be the Droid has a better rendering engine.

I think the app itself is capped. It looked to be the same on both and since both globes spun the same it looks equal. You cannot compare the rendering since the data is being pulled from a remote server and that can cause one or the other to have a delay. Rendering need to be local not remote cause there are to many factors. Plus 200Mhz difference is not enough in this case to see, cause Google earth on the Android uses it' own engine that does not utilize the GPU.

Anyone but me notice.. that the N1 is on Wifi where the Droid is not?

meh.. someone posted it too.. didnt read.. but i agree

I'm assumming this is an overclocked Droid to 800MHz because stock Droid runs at 550MHz. That reminds me that I need to root again and overclock since the 2.1 blew my root access :(

800mhz huh? sound OC'd to me - which in that case, why don't you just run 1ghz? differences were all negligible. been happy with my droid (at 1ghz...) ^_^

Wow. All kinds of Phil fail this morning ... :p OK, had my coffee now. No, the Droid's not OC'd. Sorry, was thinking about another phone. And WiFi was supposed to be on both phones. Hey, guess what video I'm about to reshoot! :p

He was picking the Droid even before his bogus tests were completed, no question he is partial to the droid but whatever , stupid test and bogus results

He probably already ran the tests before the video. That's probably why he already had the Droid in mind as the winner. Not because he was trying to make "bogus" results.

Nope, actually, did it "live" both times. No real reason not to. I think it's pretty darn close. Whether that says more about the Droid or less about the Nexus One, well, I'll let you guys hash that out ...

wow. I was impressed with how well the droid kept up the first time even though there was some slight delay over the N1. The second time looks even more impressive. Thanks for redoing the test Phil.

I am also impressed on how well the Droid did. A little jumpy compared to the N1, but over did very well despite being almost 50% less processing power than the N1.

They're both amazing phones. My friend has a Droid and I have an N1. I've spent quite a lot of time with the Droid and I would not use the word "slow" when describing it, especially when compared to the Nexus One.

The true difference is very minor, but you do notice here, there, everywhere the Nexus one is just a bit faster, just a bit smoother, and just a bit more responsive all around.

I've always thought the Droid was a smoother device when compared to the N1. The N1 has the processing power, but it just doesn't seem to be quite as smooth as the Droid, for whatever reason. Both are great phones though!

As someone who regularly uses BOTH of these phones, EVERYTHING on the Nexus One has been much smoother. And the N1 screen destroys the Droid screen, your settings are off.

Try turning off that live wallpaper on the Nexus One, those are rather system intensive. Doing the same stuff on a Nexus One I had MUCH smoother experiences than your video showed.

My co-worker has a DROID (he has been with VZW since the days of AirTouch Cellular) and I have a N1 on at&t Mobility (have been with at&t Mobility since the days of McCaw Cellular) and we ran the same test as Mr. Nickinson, what my Co-worker and I came away with is that the DROID is really capable for being a lessor powered, slightly older device.

In my experience, a newer device is always faster and better than an older one (even a slightly older one, like the DROID) and the fact that the DROID could keep up with my N1 says more about the DROID, than it does the N1.

I have been an Sony Ericsson user for many years and each and every iteration of the Walkman Series phones brought about more features and a better/faster user experience as the processor and code became more refined. With the DROID, I would have expected it take a noticeably longer time to do the same thing as the current powerhouse, the N1, but that was not the case and I was impressed.


The Droid is very easy to overclock to 1Ghz or more (some people run theirs at 1.3Ghz!). Mine runs stable at 1 Ghz. I'd like to see this same test w/ a Droid running at 1Ghz.