Chromecast Google Drive streaming

Google has quietly updated the web version of Google Drive with support for streaming presentations to Chromecast dongles. After installing the Google Cast plugin in Chrome, simply fire up a presentation in Google Drive, and click the arrow next to "Present" in the top right corner. Then choose the Chromecast you want to broadcast to from the items under "Present on other device" — simple.

So far it seems like this functionality is limited to Google Drive on the web, and only available for presentations. Though given the rate at which Chromecast's reach is expanding, we wouldn't rule out similar functionality in the Android app before long.

via: Android Police

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FutureKix says:

Maybe they will add this to the mobile Drive app too? Maybe?

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NickLippert says:

That would be nice.

mstrblueskys says:

Oh man - that's pretty neat.

yankeesusa says:

That's actually a really cool feature and can be used a lot by companies who implement this. Or by someone who has a small business at home.

Expanding their possible target audience! Now its more suited for education or enterprise!

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Drew1200 says:

This was the perfect timing for the new feature. I actually noticed it last week, and almost used it to present a slideshow that I created. I did say almost, however. In my opinion, one of the few, yet largest shortcomings of Google Drive is the lack of an ability to add a specific amount of time to each slide. I just wanted to press the play button, but each slide only lasted less than 2 seconds. This new feature would have been ideal if I could have fixed that, but I couldn't. So I just ended up publishing the slide to the web, and using the normal Google Cast Chrome extension. It worked fine, but it was a disappointment that I couldn't just use this cool new button to present the slide.

So really, this feature, at the moment, is just for those who will move to the next slide manually. Hopefully it'll be improved in the near future, though.

egernant says:

Ol' Chromey - loving the name. Named mine Dongle out of lack of creativity. My sister-in-law, after playing with it at my place, promptly went to the store and told them "I'm looking for Dongle - do you sell Dongle?" Somehow she walked out with a shiny new Chromecast *shrug*

mfriedman79 says:

Now if only they would support WPA2-Enterprise/802.1X authentication for wireless networks it might actually be useful in the enterprise.