Google's Chromecast finally made it to European shores in recent weeks and it looks as if the £30 HDMI dongle has seen a pretty strong start. According to Giga OM, the Dixons group – owners of Currys PCWorld – in the UK saw a sale every 4.5 seconds on launch day resulting in a temporary sell out on available stock.

Meanwhile, Norwegian retailer Elkjøp had to order a second batch of 40,000 Chromecast's just two days after launch because of demand. Google declined to comment on specific numbers, but perhaps we'll hear more details on its next earnings call. It's off to a good start, though.

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Google Chromecast sold every 4.5 seconds at UK retailer on launch day


Never saw anyone up here in Canada with a Roku, and the Chromecast price is really attractive to many people.

I bought them as stocking stuffers. I don't think I've ever bought a piece of tech as stocking stuffers before. Even the folks that said "I already have one" or "I use my Wii/Xbox for streaming" ended up putting them on a second TV in the house and getting a lot of use out of it. Chromecast is probably the single best piece of consumer hardware released in the last 2-3 years. It's flexible, simple to set up, simple to use, and dirt cheap.

And you have complete and accurate sales numbers on Chromecasts? That would be a neat trick seeing as how Google doesn't generally release those numbers.

And we care why? This news had absolutely nothing to do with any other company or product other than the Google or Chromecast. I've got no need for a UI (like in Roku) when my phone and tablet in my house does just fine using my Chromecast.

I don't understand it's just a device you an pit anywhere in the world and connect your phone isn't it, then why European version correct me please

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2.4ghz is more than enough and it's signal is better at penetrating walls than 5ghz.

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That little device is simply amazing! I got two and am thinking about a third.

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By expanding its market Chromecast will hopefully become a wider platform for program providers. I've bought four but given two away.

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