Google Calendar update adds location autocomplete from Google Maps

There's an update for Google Calendar available now in the Google Play Store, and it's going to make adding locations to events a tad easier. The update is relatively minor, but it brings a recently-added feature from the web version of Google Calendar to the Android app: location autocomplete from Google Maps. All you have to do is start typing in the location field on an appointment and Google Maps' extensive address and point of interest database will be queried to provide you as-you-type autocomplete predictions. This can be especially handy when you want to ensure you have a correct address for someplace you'll be using your phone's navigation tools to reach.

The Google Calendar app update is propagating now through the Google Play Store for your updating pleasure.


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Google Calendar update adds location autocomplete from Google Maps


Agreed finally this feature has been added. Tje next is the ability to send invites ubiquitously across all Android devices
It seems this feature is only native to Samsung devices. When I purchased an LG for my wife she would no longer get her calendar update ifbi sent her an invite. Inhad to buy a third party solution for her.

I got this update last night. I was all excited because I though it would be the version with the new UI

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Nice update, updates are always good, but google's stock calender app is still the one stock app that I can't stand it still feel like it's from froyo or something. One of the first things I do with a new phone is download a replacement calendar app. I don't even mind using hangouts for sms on my N5, but the stock calendar app has always sucked.
I used to use Touch calendar which was OK, Right now Cal is my calendar app of choice, really nice UI, it's what I've always been looking for.

It was already somewhat context sensitive if you used Google Now, it'd read whatever you typed under location for appointments (even if not a full address) and give you transit estimates, a reminder to leave, etc. Wonder if it'll do anything extra now or if they're just angling for more Now integration.

I wish that somehow, i could type the name of a contact into the location field so that their addresses would come up as locations.