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Hot on the heels of Barnes and Nobles' latest update to the Nook for Android app, Google have followed suit with a little update to their own Google Books app. 

The changelog touts the ability to +1 a book while reading, in book search and landscape mode for flowing text on phones, and perhaps more interestingly promises better support for 7-inch tablets. 

With the impending launch of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, Google doesn't seem to want to be left out in the e-reading stakes. While there isn't a great deal of choice in the 7-inch tablet space as yet, it's still a nice feature to have included. Plus it'll work on your hacked Nook Color

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Reader comments

Google Books updated, promising "better support for 7-inch tablets"


How do you put epub or mobi files onto it? It's useless to me until I can import my existing files. Until then I just go with go books for epub and kindle app for mobi.

+1 Dwayne. That is the only reason that I am hesitant to start really using it. I am planning to buy the Steve Job's Autobiography simply for the irony, but the lack of notes and highlighting is the only reason that it isn't my go to.