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Hot on the heels of Barnes and Nobles' latest update to the Nook for Android app, Google have followed suit with a little update to their own Google Books app. 

The changelog touts the ability to +1 a book while reading, in book search and landscape mode for flowing text on phones, and perhaps more interestingly promises better support for 7-inch tablets. 

With the impending launch of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, Google doesn't seem to want to be left out in the e-reading stakes. While there isn't a great deal of choice in the 7-inch tablet space as yet, it's still a nice feature to have included. Plus it'll work on your hacked Nook Color

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This update is great, but can you side load??? The ability to side load has been a big deal with the other options.

rmendoza577 says:

How do you put epub or mobi files onto it? It's useless to me until I can import my existing files. Until then I just go with go books for epub and kindle app for mobi.

That was the point I was trying to convey. The Google Reader app does not allow any form of side loading. It is silly.

Still can't take notes and no dictionary. Which means it is still behind every other major ereader app on the market.

Wmorrison01 says:

+1 Dwayne. That is the only reason that I am hesitant to start really using it. I am planning to buy the Steve Job's Autobiography simply for the irony, but the lack of notes and highlighting is the only reason that it isn't my go to.

tronthedon says:

It's still missing the only feature I want:

uninstall option