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If you're a Google+ fan and have an Android phone, you'll want to hit the Android Market because there's an update for Google+ that promises (among other things) "massive performance improvements" across the app.  The full changelog:

  • Massive performance improvements across the app
  • What's Hot!
  • View who +1'd a post or comment
  • Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
  • Infinite photos feed in 'From your circles'
  • Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

I never really noticed any poor performance from the app to start with, so I'm not yet ready to judge these massive improvements, but the rest of the list has a bunch of welcome changes.  The addition of What's Hot! and ability to see who +1'd a post or comment are things many have been asking for, and UI improvements like better formatting of posts and no longer bouncing to the top and losing your place when you refresh are always welcome.  Now let's focus on a tablet optimized version, shall we Google?  Maybe walk over and visit the cubes of the folks working on Currents.

Download link is after the break.

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Glenuendo says:

Yeah, I haven't noticed any "massive improvements" either. I'm hopeful for their "epic improvements" though.

dcbelcher says:

I hope those massive improvements mean it falls off my battery hog list.

wraith404 says:

I turned of G+ and instant upload sync in my account settings to accomplish that ;)

what happen to "incoming"..?

patrixl says:

Mine had been stagnant for a while, then I noticed it was gone from the website too. Now it's gone from the app. Maybe the feature was difficult to understand (it took me a while to understand it), so they got rid of it and are replacing it with.. with what? lol

Vetdoctor says:

"Incoming" I saw an announcement that they had ditched it because it was "confusing".

Brandito says:

Wonder if they've improved apps2sd support. Had to uninstall it on my evo because it continues to grow and grow and eventually I get low storage warnings :/

Mobius360 says:

Does it have a tablet UI yet.

LadyDi says:

The last mobile version I had gave me not one notification of anything new. I am hoping this does it as I was just about to delete it off the cell.

jrl022 says:

Funny enough, I have (and have had for a while now) the exact opposite problem in that I recieve notifications almost without fail. Then keep recieving them for the same event.

So someone will comment on my status or pic and I'll immediately get a notification, but then I'll get another 5+ notifications later for the same comment.

Vetdoctor says:

My ongoing complaint is the tiny unchangeable font. Need bigger font.