Google has updated its Google+ app, bringing a host of improvements. Two of the biggest gripes I have heard about the app are that there is no way to leave a 1-1 Huddle and that notifications are slow or spotty. With this latest update, Google has  answered both of those concerns, giving users the ability to hide 1:1 Huddles and has improved the reliability of notifications. To hide a 1:1 Huddle, go into your conversation hit Menu and then Hide. It's great to see them iterating so quickly and listening to user feedback. Here is the full changelog:

  • Improved notifications reliability
  • "_add to circle" notifications shown in bulk
  • Share stream posts to individual people
  • Clicking a +mention takes you to the person’s profile
  • +mentions now autofill from your Circles
  • Stream no longer resets to top when screen is rotated
  • Nearby accuracy
  • Start a 1:1 huddle from a person’s profile or a group huddle from a circle profile
  • Hide 1:1 huddles
  • Clickable links in huddles
  • Improved autocomplete when adding a person to a huddle

To get the latest update, hit up the app links after the break.


Reader comments

Google+ app updated, brings ability to hide 1-1 Huddles


Hopefully this means i get notifications almost instantly, and not half an hour or more after someone posts something.

I usually got my notification instantly, never a problem there. But I didn't like I couldn't close 1:1 huddles tho, cuz I sent a test to myself lol. Good to see Google working hard. Can't wait for more enhancements to the site.. and OPEN enrollment!

How do you "unhide" a one on one huddle? And why can't you just LEAVE a one on one huddle like other huddles?

Yes it's Swype. I'm using it too. But how to apply that skin to swype? Is it a modified APK of swype? Because my swype looks totally different and I couldn't find a skin/theme option.

Someone with root living in the U.S., download the update and extract the APK for us non U.S. users! :)

I'm not in the US and my phone update it automaticaly yesterday, to bad I don't have a Google+ account yet.

may be you should try again, but if you still need the APK, tell me and I'll post it

Wow people still need invites to G+?? I had no idea wish I could invite from app and if you can Idk how. Need to do much more from app i don't like using pc

Is anybody else having trouble getting to Huddles with this latest update? I click on it and all I get is a popup that says "Waiting for connection" with a Close button.

Now if Google would only modify the app so it took up less space I would be really happy. Anyone else find it ironic that the people who make our OS cannot make an app that takes up an efficient and reasonable amount of space?