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If you're hopping on a plane today for the holidays, there's a new free travel app that's worth giving a look. GoHow Airport is a simple app that gives you information on a score of airports. You get an overview, list of shops, and info on food and drinks, services, parking and ground transportation. There's also a basic internal layout of the airport, and city weather info. The interesting thing here is that the airports themselves partner with Gohow to ensure the latest up-to-date information.

Also, GoHow Airport serves as a flight and trip itinerary manager. It's got listings for dozens and dozens of airports, and the flight listings are simple but work as advertised.

We're not going to call GoHow Airport our favorite travel app. But it's got a wealth of airport information that others don't. And, best of all, it's free. We've got screenshots and download links after the break.

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GoHow AirportGoHow Airport

GoHow AirportGoHow Airport

GoHow AirportGoHow Airport


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GoHow Airport a decent free option for air travelers


in the Fort Walton Beach airport right now. Unfortunately I know too much about this one and George Bush in Houston. Great breakfast burritos in Houston and really good doughnuts too. Busy to be sure today.