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Wireless printing directly from the app available for KitKat users

The latest update to the Gmail app is adding a few often-requested features. First up, just in time for holiday vacations, is a vacation auto responder that can be enabled right from the app — no more going to the web interface to get that set up when you're going to be off the grid for a while.

Next is improvements to file attachments. Previously you were restricted to simply adding pictures or video from the menu of a new Gmail message, and now you can attach just about any kind of file you may have on your device. Attach documents, PDFs, .zip files and more right from the menu button.

Lastly, if you're a KitKat user with the latest app you'll find simple options to print emails directly from Gmail. Hit the overflow menu button and select "print," and you'll be given the new print dialog to send the message to your cloud print-enabled device

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Gmail update adds vacation auto responder, expands file attachment capabilities


I'm going to permanently turn this on to say I'm on vacation to Titan and have limited access to my email.

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Google continues rapidly to make great improvements and bring added features to their services.

ITS ABOUT TIME for the attachments. Holy crap. You could always click on attach "picture" and then use a file manager when the open with box opens up and choose any file you wanted that way, but for the longest time i thought i couldnt attach a pdf using the gmail app.. YAY

Can someone who received the update confirm that Gmail now handles Exchange invitations properly? It never handled the .ics attachments properly (I'm using the app 'Invitation plugin' as a workarount, but would much prefer it to just work in Gmail).

Was hoping that I didn't need to sideload the app. But I get a lot of ICS invitations in my Gmail so I really wanted this to work.

After sideloading and testing I sadly have to report back that it still does not work. You still need to login to the web version of Gmail to accept/decline the invitations.

Darn, still hoping they add the option to disable conversation view in the app. Have to use K9 until they do I guess. These other options are nice though I guess.

Any idea why my phone has stopped offering Gallery as one of the apps you can use to find pictures when you try to attach one in GMail? HTC One, 4.3 on Sprint. (Perhaps because I have the sideloaded version of Gallery/Camera to take PhotoSpheres? I have both versions of Gallery on my phone, but neither one is offered up just the File Managers show up.)

So post to Facebook I'm on vacation, Gmail tells you I'm in vacation.... Twitter, etc. I'm not sure how prolific this is, but don't you open yourself up to getting robbed? I never say anything about vacation until I'm home, just to be safe.