The Gmail for Android application has received a small update this evening. It probably does something faster, or better. Maybe there is a new feature or two. We have no idea, because they haven't posted any new features or changes. Google sucks at providing change logs.

We're letting you know in case it is something really cool -- though we're not seeing anything just yet, and we use Gmail a lot around these parts. And even if it is just some bug fixing, an update is an update. Grab it at the Google Play link to the left.

We'll come back and update once we know what the changes are.


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Gmail app updated with unknown features and no change log


Try to expand the email notification, unlike in the stock android where you can expand it with swiping two fingers down, in the HTC One X+ you have to pinch to zoom out to expand the notification.

Yes, inside the Gmail app, go to Settings - General Settings - Swiping conversation lists and choose Always delete. It worked for me and GS3.

I only have option to archive or reply from my notifications - HOW CAN I DELETE EMAILS FROM MY NOTIFICATIONS?



The ability to delete was in the last update. It provided you with either archive or delete depending on how you have the Swiping Conversation List option configured within the Gmail app.

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I’ve seen that a number of people are confused about the archiving, deleting, and labeling feature in the notifications for Gmail. Keep in mind that what I’m about to describe only applies to stock Jellybean 4.1 or better. OEM customizations like HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, or Motorola Motoblur, etc. can (and do) differ.

First off, you have to choose the “Archive/unlabel/delete” or “Delete” option in the “Swiping conversation list” setting in the Gmail General settings. That controls what options will appear in a Gmail notification.
Second, you must remember that Gmail uses “labels” to categorize everything in Gmail. A label is NOT a folder (although people treat them as such). Multiple labels can be applied to a single email. So it is possible for an email to “exist” in multiple “places” in your Gmail data store. (In reality, the email only exists in one place. The label views allow you to see it from different perspectives.)

Those that claim they don’t see the “delete” option under a notification must realize that deleting only happens in Gmail when you delete from the “All mail” view. That is a special view that ignores all labels and shows all of the mail in your Gmail storage... or, if you had set the “Delete” option in the “Swiping conversation list” setting.

Any other time that you swipe away an email you are “archiving” it (i.e. removing a label that is applied to it). Remember, even “Inbox” is just a “label” to Gmail. So if you archive an email while you are in the Inbox, you are simply removing the “Inbox” label from that email. It’s possible after archiving an email from the Inbox to go to “All mail” and find the message. If you then swipe the email again (from “All mail”) you will then see “delete” (i.e. move it to Trash). Deleting it from Trash will then permanently delete it.

In notifications, the options that you see in the expanded notification depend on the location of the email when it arrives. (It’s possible to bypass the Inbox, for example and apply a label directly via a filter.) Notification options will follow the same rules/options that you set for swiping.

Hope that clears things up for those that don’t see “Delete” in their Gmail notifications.

My PlayStore had a change log:

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up:
• Reply, archive or delete from notifications - no need to open the app
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up:
• Faster search, even when you're offline
• Bug fixes and performance improvements
Android 2.2 and up:
• New Labels API for 3rd-party app developers
• Performance improvements

Try to expand the email notification, unlike in the stock android where you can expand it with swiping two fingers down, in the HTC One X+ you have to pinch to zoom out to expand the notification.

Why HTC implemented it this way is beyond me. This gesture is so crazy compared to the two finger swipe down.

It was the delay. There was a good 2 - 3 second delay when you opened the GMail App before you got your list of messages. I noticed it after the update before this one. This update seems to fix that delay.

I think the change is the ability to _delete_ emails from the notification. Didn't the last update only add "Archive" and "Reply"?

The ability to delete was in the last update. It provided you with either archive or delete depending on how you have the Swiping Conversation List option configured within the Gmail app.

This is what is confusing....swiping the conversation is not the same as swiping the notification. How do you set up to delete the notification by swiping?

Yeah probably just bug fixes but I wish they add a way you can have a select all option like to delete spam and trash mail

Pretty pathetic a company like Google can't put something as simple as a changelog with their update. They have the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.

There is one difference if you look at the top of inside of Gmail there is a number
Right in the middle on top it tells you how many new messages you have waiting for you.

In my Galaxy S3 4.1.2, that number is on the top right corner. And when choosing between different inboxes (or accounts) that number also appears next to the mail address. That could be one of the changes, yes.

Sometimes the ellipsis (...) was cropped in the previous version in the inbox list at the end of the subject line (covered by the labels). Now this is fixed, and all three dots are always visible. Seriously!

(I took a screenshot of my inbox before and after the update...)

On my international galaxy s3 and an almost stock touchwiz rom, the update with the "reply, archive" options drained my battery like there is no end (uninstalled the update yesterday and the drain was gone), perhaps this update fixes the drain as well...

You have to hold and pull the gmail notification in the notification bar. Pulling it down will reveal the options for delete and archive. Took me some time to figure that one out.

I would assume if theres no change log its just a quick bug fix release, but it would be nice for them to just say that.

I have always hated the gmail app, have always frozen it as it is truly abysmal. tried a multitude of others, k9 seems to be the only mail app with a complete set of basic functionality.

I have used the Gmail app on various hi/lo end phones and tablets extensively and I have never had it freeze or really act funny in any way.
Just my experience with it.

2 steps forward, one step back. This is what frustrtes me so much with Android. Now we cant select all and delete all or even empty the trash in one swipe in the Gmail app. Android is so frustrating because it seems there is no rhyme or reason to some of the features added or removed and there certainly is ZERO uniformity across apps. The world would be screaming for Bill Gates head if windows had this much difference from app to app or update to update. A little uniformity goes a long way and it seems that one update cancels out any enhancements from previous updates. This is a real problem with Android and if Microsoft gets their foot hold, you can forget Android of the future. Microsoft crushes the competition in just about everything they do and if they can get a foot hold in the mobile market Android will be doomed. The only thing holding Microsoft back is price and you know they will figure that out at some point. To be able to carry my computer in my pocket or as a tablet and do all the things on it that I would do on my desktop without worrying about compatibility, fragmentation and variability in user that will be revolutionary. The line is being drawn in the sand and I'm afraid Android isnt going to be able to keep up. And just like when Android was new, Apps will come to MS eventually. So to say Android and iOS have millions of apps between them is foolish because eventually MS will have those apps too. Add to that the fact that Google feels they can change whatever they like on your device without even asking and I see a troubled future. I was very annoyed that my stock browser was updated to be more Chrome like and I cant even back it down to a previous version. Is it too much to ask for a little uniformity between apps and setting and menu's.

Wow, you are making A LOT of assumptions based the fact that the most recent update to gmail has no changelog haha.

"Microsoft crushes the competition in just about everything they do"

-Computers, stiff competition from Apple
-Phones, fighting for a very unimpressive number 3
-Tablets, nothing game changing here, Android and Apple leading the way
-Gaming, stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo, they are on top, but not by much.
-Software here they are actually leading the way.
-Did I miss anything??

Anyways I own many Microsoft products and I like their products, but I don't think Google is shaking in their boots quite yet.

LOL, a little uniformity does go a long way. And IMO what you get from Microsoft software is just that, a little uniformity. Some things remain consistent when some of their software sees major revisions, but there's also enough shuffling and rearranging of the menu structure to trip up your workflow. Their software is generally quite good, but Microsoft does NOT do everything right.

I was having problems opening emails from the notification bar with the previous update. That appears to be fixed now.

There are bug fixes in the update. One was before the update when you replied from the notification bar it would not mark the message as read. Now it does.