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Update will bring support for older devices

While the folks behind the BBM Twitter account may be making some questionable posts, the team behind the scenes has been hard at work adding support for Gingerbread users. Jeff Gadway of BlackBerry has posted that over the past few months the team has been adding support so more users can enjoy what BBM brings, and the update is due to come in February. 

With 21 percent of Android devices still running Gingerbread there is definitely a bunch of users that BlackBerry hopes to capture with the added support. Will you be downloading BBM on your Gingerbread device?

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BlackBerry to bake version of BBM for Gingerbread phones


And now we truly see that BlackBerry is going the wrong direction.

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This is horrible. They are trying to send us back into the Stone Age. Idiots.

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Smart move given the number of Gingerbread devices out there. But they really need to get BBM Video and Screen share off to Android and iOS users asap.

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BBM still doesn't support tablets or multi-device use. Meanwhile BB is devoting resources to making ti compatible with an OS version that is declining in marketshare almost as fast as their own OS.
BB and their BBM product are so grossly mismanaged, it's no wonder their marketshare has dropped to under 2% as of 3Q 2013.

No! Gingerbread must die! It's too old!

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Take your head out of the sand. With BBM Voice and Channel's coming out for Android/iOS soon it's going to change the playing field. BBM has other markets besides the US also where it is the #1 IM app.

But to be fair BlackBerry needs to step up their game and bring Android/iOS BBM up to the same standard as as BB10.

PS. Since BlackBerry just updated to BB10.2.1 today which allows you to download and install Android apps directly from your phone using sources as Amazon, 1mobile, apk train and a couple native apps. I'm can't wait to here from Phil and the others on this. In theory BlackBerry has more apps than Android now.

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"In theory BlackBerry has more apps than Android now."

Lol, are we really going to do this again?

While you are technically correct, not every single app is optimized to run with just the runtime.

While I am happy that BlackBerry users have access to more apps (without using a leaked OS), it's important to remember that compatibility and optimization are two totally different beasts.

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I agree that their not optimized for BlackBerry, but most that I've used work pretty good and fast. I actually use the Android Facebook app instead of the BB native one. I don't think they will be optimized until Google shows support, if they ever do.

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Yeah. But, hey!? If you have a bunch of Android apps working, then who cares if they're optimized or not!? Just have fun exploring the different app stores and apps available, brother!!!

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Well the Android facebook app isn't even optimized for Android so good luck with that on your BlackBerry lol.


Haha +1 That damn Facebook app drove me back to only using Facebook in the browser, lol.

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That damn fb app drove me to NEVER use fb.


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I also do not want to hear CRAP from BB users when they download phishing scams or advertising riddled apps from 3rd party sites.

BB, make a certified android phone instead of mooching off a real ecosystem

In regards to that last paragraph: you do realize that every manufacturer that creates an Android device is mooching off of the Android ecosystem, right?

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"instead of mooching off a real ecosystem"

That happens to be all open, and therefore, I will mooch. Oh yes, I will mooch.

Besides, I'll only take apps that I'm using on my other Android devices and toss the ones that work on my square screen of my Q10. :-)

"But to be fair BlackBerry needs to step up their game and bring Android/iOS BBM up to the same standard as as BB10."
Right now, BBM isn't up to the standards of most of the messaging platforms you find on iOS or Android. There's no cross-device support. Tablet support is non-existent on Android. There's no browser/desktop support. No d/r in group chat. Not to mention the UI design (urgh!).
You told the previous oster to get his head out of the sand, yet here you are claiming that this half-baked app is going to change the playing field. BBM doesn't do ANYTHING that isn't already being done by another messaging platform. Take your head out of the sand and look around at the competition. Grab some binoculars first though, they're quite a ways ahead.

Have you ever used BBM on BlackBerry 10? The other versions suck and are slow. The UI fits in well with BB10.

If I could get the same BBM experience on Android and iOS I do believe it's very competitive with the competition. I'm not sure there is anything out there quite like Channel's.

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I'm not sure if I agree with this or not. It's nice that BlackBerry wants to cater to Gingerbread users, but, as was said by another commenter, that percentage of users is decreasing rapidly.

Ya know, BlackBerry could have catered to all Android users, if they'd just originally coded the app using 2.2 Froyo (IIRC).

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Tomato Tomatoe

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They really had me with the last article (the one about Mom), lol.

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Cool, blackberry is really coming along now. They have the best phones and are maturing beautifully. They are maturing faster than shitty iOS and android

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Best is subjective. And, the market has officially concluded that iOS and Android are no longer shitty.

Thanks for playing!!

Oh, wait... You mean, that was sarcasm!!??

Oops, my bad!!

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Most people who say things about blackberry 10 devices are people who never used one. They are fast, smooth, and smart. They may "Lack" apps but eventually it will get there. Rome wasn't built in a day! They will get better just like android did, and will eventually unseat it. And if you think that people buy things because they are good, then you need to take a few marketing class, because just because someone buys something doesn't make it good. You will see blackberry is on a slow rise to the top

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I've never said anything bad about BB10. In fact, I want BlackBerry to do well. And, at the very least, I don't want them to exit the consumer market. I agree, it's not fair for people to judge something that they haven't used.

But, berating users of the other platforms - for choosing something that you don't approve of - isn't fair, either.

As it stands, none of the OS's currently available are "shitty." Otherwise, they wouldn't be available.

Only BlackBerry can improve their current situation.

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Wait, hold on. Rome wasn't built in a day?

You had a two decade headstart, had the smartphone market all to yourself (for the most part) and failed.

Right now you are getting an update that brings you up to somewhere around the equivalent of ICS for us. In the tech industry that is decades.If it wasn't for the DoD money you just got, BB would not have made it through the year.

It isnt just the apps that you lack, it is OS functions that we take for granted in the Android and even iOS world. I understand being a fanboy for a product, and I would rather see BB succeed than fail, but come on, be real here.

I'm surprised, it took you this long to reply to his comment, lol.

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You are wrong on so many levels. The DOD didn't even buy the 80,000 devices they said. When referring to the Rome comment, I believe he was talking about the BB10 OS which is only about a year old and has come a long way in that year. It has numerous features that iOS doesn't have and only the top of the line Android phones have. Stop living in the past, it's a new company, with new management, heading in a new direction.

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Its the same company but now different people are rearranging the deck chairs on that Titanic.

Fine I have not kept up on the DoD purchase, and really does that make it any better? Now you DON'T have that money as a cushion.

With regards to the Rome comment, the stuff in ICS you should have had years ago. Pinning all your hopes on one version is no way to go through life. BB10 is NOT the game changer. In the BB world is, but every new version of every OS is.

BB10 Vs iOS VS ICS, BB10 is still far behind. You cannot just be a changer within your system, you have to be a game changer on the world stage

Ya know, as a Q10 user, I can't imagine using Android on a phone again. Navigation is too slow. Even on say an S4.

iOS is pitifully slow. I won't ever touch it again.

I love Android on my tablets, but I'll stick to BBRY on my phones. There really is no substitute, anyone can debate this, and that's fine. I mean for me, QNX is where it's at.

Ok ill debate that... Most people have never used or seen real android... Because stock android only comes on nexus or Google play devices out of the box, HTC "sense" Samsung "touchwiz" all variations running on top of Android. You mentioned the s4? Which is running touchwiz on top of android. The andriod phones that are unaltered like say "nexus 5" will blow the doors off you're phone of choice, and my nexus7 2013 is the fastest mobile device I have ever used. I am also a programmer and understand that specs don't always tell the truth... The galaxy s4 has amazing specs, too bad touchwiz is there to slow things down and take almost half the hard drive. Just saying, if you're going to compare, do it fairly or in an educated manner and understand that the android device you pointed out ..."s4" isn't stock android. Devices running android and a stock android device are two separate entities and should be viewed as such.

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True that most android phones aren't android, but to say that the new update for blackberry is ICS is dump. BB10 is on another level, and yes I meant that it will be awhile for it to catch on. Blackberry as other assets so just watch, before long you'll see blackberry stuff everywhere. They don't just make smart phones.

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And they made a version for gingerbread because they are targeting developing markets, think with business in mind, not just about phones

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Probably not... Gingerbread runs on androids first kernal rendering it irrelevant. So if you own a gingerbread device you probably aren't scrolling through the playstore looking for the latest and greatest apps, nor will they be available...until now!!! Thanx blackberry!!!!!!

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As for Donut and eclair users ehh you would have never used this app anyway

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I actually saw someone using a Gingerbread device the other day. It was so weird seeing it and remembering having my OG Droid and just praying it would get an official GB release.

She even had the old lock screen where you slid the tab to the right to unlock or slid the other tab to the left to turn sound on/off.

Watching her use it was like someone listening to Eminem on a cassette tape.

Maybe they should try to support froyo, that way they will be able to come on almost every android device.
And what about them supporting windows phone devices

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you can download the working version of BBM Messenger for armv6 devices from :

this is a port project of bbm to armv6 devices .

BBM for armv6 android Devices is free and has no ads. If you enjoy the app and want to see it to continue to be updated, please consider supporting it a bit and making a donation!