Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The big ol' unsourced, unconfirmed, who-knows-if-it's-true rumor of the past week or so has been that Android  2.3 -- Gingerbread -- will be announced/released/something today. It's just about lunchtime, and no sign of anything sweet yet -- though as you can see from the Google analytics above, it looks like it's still pinging around out there.

Will we see it today? Dunno. Will we see it tomorrow? Dunno. Are our fingers crossed? Absofrigginlutely.

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ben dover says:

I hope so! it's a slow day at work and I'd love to make it go by faster learning about all the new goodies we get to play with soon!

HTCSense says:

Hopefully the Nexus Two/Nexus S or whatever its going to be called gets announced with it!

xgunther says:


BKirby says:

Not for galaxy s we still don't have freakin froyo!!!

jerbear says:

Besides, you should know better. It's Samsung.

zakth says:

Give us Gingerbread or give us death.

Gone24 says:

Today was definitely the day it was suppose to be announce, I mean with Abobe updating flash/air and best buy accidentally posting the pre-order page for the Nexus S. But sadly I think it got postponed because of the whole samsung hardware issue, I really hope I am wrong though!!!

JagoX says:

Lunch time? Dude its just barely about to be 10a here on the west coast...and I'm pretty sure everyone at Google HQ is just barely starting to roll into the office ;)

neoman1314 says:

I concur! It is ONLY 10 here, hell, I haven't even got breakfast yet. And to think of having such a yummy treat before breakfast... well that's unthinkable! D:

the12for12 says:

mmmmmm, gingerbread, mmmmmmmmmmm

silverfang77 says:

I bet it won't even come this week. Stuff like this is always late.

NxTech3 says:

Might save it for a Xmas time rollout, gingerbread is usually a holiday season treat.

I think it's funny that everyone is so excited about a minor upgrade that doesn't even have a feature listing yet.

ben dover says:

well according to google at IO in May, the next version of android after froyo would "blow our minds"

That's why everyone is excited.

and we'll have our feature list once it's announced. why would we need an announcement if we already know the features?

pyroja says:

Cool, it'll be announced today, and it'll hit the Droid X sometime around April. This will be explained away by Verizon's strict testing guidelines again and again until it finally releases with bugs that are noticeable by the average user within the first hour of use.

I can't wait.

neoman1314 says:

Get a new phone/carrier?

pyroja says:

Are you kidding? I love this thing!

Dural says:

Google pings = self fulfilling prophecy.

phonejunky says:

This is only good news if you have a Nexus or any other vanilla branded Android device. I'm on the Evo so I'm sure ill be waiting for a while right?

NickAVV says:

Root your phone and install it as soon as its ported. This is how my Droid Eris is still relevant to this day.

frozencloud says:

I think they will announce this after thanksgiving....possibly on black friday. Of course, i wouldnt mind some leak info and what they have in store for gingerbread

iPwn says:

Still waiting on Froyo for my Fascinate. Samsung was supposed to have released it to Verizon today, so now it's just a matter of days...or months. :(

beez1717 says:

I hope that this comes out soon for the Verizon Droid 1. I would love to see the new features. I just hope to god that the update doesn't break the FRG22 root that I did for my phone. If it comes out for the original droid 1 then I'm good to go :D

cporier91 says:

Gingerbread! gingerbread! gingerbread!

jds5445 says:

Please google. I really want a good birthday present.

jediman says:

Mmmm gingerbread! Do the calories count?

8balls1970 says:

I'm hoping that gingerbread would arrive on my Dinc before Christmas.

Kyran says:

I hope we hear something before the podcast.

I had something else to say on the topic but AC's spam filter made it literally impossible.

dcreed says:

I'm just gonna change my browser header and hit this site a lot to REALLY confuse folks.

I hope its drops today. I need some fun in my lame life.