Gamevil was at GDC 2014 showing off a whole bunch of upcoming Android games, including the next iteration of their well-known RPG series, Zenonia. Zenonia Online, as you might expect, adds a whole layer of massively multiplayer mechanics to the core action gameplay. In addition to hacking and slashing your way through a rich fantasy world, players can now party up co-operatively to take on particularly challenging raid bosses, or turn on each other in player versus player content.

It's great to see Gamevil approaching the mobile MMO space, since right now it's almost exclusively occupied by Gameloft's Order & Chaos Online and Arcane Legends by Spacetime Studios. Zenonia Online is already out in Korea, but will release globally some time this year, and like all Gamevil titles, it's going to be free-to-play.


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GDC 2014: Zenonia Online updates classic mobile RPG as an MMO


Zenonia... the first two games were great. You had to buy them, but you could finish them without pay extra fees. After these two games, all of them are pay-to-win.

Those dudes could be on level 5 and still slaughter you with being at level 50. Its only good for story mode
LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat


When you breeze along through 50% of the game enjoyably, then smack into an opponent or area that kills you quickly, it takes all the fun out of it and you have little desire to keep playing through the imbalance, let alone reward it with money.


Zenonia was probably one of the best RPGs I could sit around to play on my phone honestly.
Story mode was awesome, online hackers/cheaters was not so awesome.

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