Gartner numbers Q2 2010

Gartner's Q2 2010 numbers are in, and the chart above says it all.  So do these.  And these.  And these, you get the point -- Android is showing unprecedented growth, all thanks to people like you and I who love the OS. Overall, the world's "mobile communication" market grew by 13.8 percent, but the competition (we love it!) drove the average price of a handset down (hey we love that too!).  Notable news from Gartner's report:

  • HTC debuts in the top 10 worldwide, with 139.1 percent Y-O-Y growth
  • Apple's iPad did not affect smartphone sales as much as was predicted
  • Android overtook iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) for the number 3 spot on the planet
  • Android overtook RIM (BlackBerry) to become the number one selling mobile OS in the United States according to Gartner

<fanboy>Worldwide -- look out RIM, there's a little green robot on your bum...and he bites.  Read the whole report at the source link, you'll like what you see. </fanboy> [Gartner Research]


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Gartner's Q2 numbers are in -- Android's huge


But they still took it in the shorts last quarter, 50% down to 40%! That said, my first smartphone was a great little Symbian device called the P800. I loved that thing!

I've given up on the Apple sheep.

My brother is one: when the iphone 4 pics were leaked, he said it was the ugliest iPhone he could have imagined, and that he was done with Apple. He said he was tired of the walled garden and itunes.

Then, when it launched and had the antenna issue, he said he was glad to be away from apple.

Two weeks later he has an iPhone 4 because as he put it " I'm scared to leave apple"

I told him he was a pussy and exactly the kind of customer Steve Jobs loves: a little bitch.

He actually bought a device he thinks is ugly, and knows is defective, because he's scared to not be controlled by apple. Just ponder THAT for a moment.

Ya I unfortunately know how that goes. My Best friend is an apple fan boy. What is funny about that is he is a network person who works with windows all day so you would think he would loath apple.

But anyway I kept sending him things about how bad the Iphone 4 was and he still got one. You know what his excuse was, he already had to much money tied up in programs that he had bought for his iphone to switch. So now he owns the Ipad and the iphone 4. when I tied to explain to him about he reception issues he was like well I have always used a cover before so it is nothing new to me to use it now. So ya I am not sure we will ever get them back...

Why the Apple hate?

It's a valid reason as people are always scared of what they don't know. Why do you think Windows has so many users? It's not because it's a good OS. People don't like to leave what they are familiar with. How many buy the same brand of car because it's what they always had? How many live close to where they were raised?

Apps are a big deal - think about it. If you had $100 invested in iOS apps that's a big deal to move over. As is the music. I had about $60 of iTunes music I had to convert to non protected iTunes Plus so I could use it on my DX. No big deal as now they are non-DRM files, but it is a cost.

I was a little apprehensive when I got the Droid X. I almost returned it because it didn't work like my iPhone. But I stuck with it and love it now.

It was the same when I switched to Mac in 2002. 2 weeks I wanted to return it. By week 3 I was in love and I'll never go back. I deal with Windows BS all day long....

IMHO the antenna "issue" is way overblown with the iPhone 4. Some Blog Bitches blowing things way out of proportion. Like most things.

You will never get me to understand how simple physics is blown out of proportion. You touch an antenna you degrade the reception. Its as simple as that no ifs ands or buts. The effect it going to depend on the amount of signal you have to begin with. You know what...since folk can't understand this in terms of iPhone let me give another example.

Satellite TV

If your dish is properly aligned and you are getting readings in the high 90's then you'll get a signal through rain up until a really tall thunderstorm comes through and then you MIGHT loose the signal. If your dish is not aligned well and say you have a reading at 50 then a light shower can knock out your signal. The same goes for the iPhone 4 and distances from towers. If you're right next door to the tower it won't make much difference. If you are further away you may drop calls where other phones wouldn't.

I swear I just cannot understand how people can't understand something so simple.

And if I hold my DX sideways (like browsing the web) and cup both ends (like typing) I can get it to drop a bar or 2 as well. Same thing - I'm coming in between the antenna and the cell tower. Touching an antenna is never a good thing and I still wonder if it's so bad why did the FCC approve it?

I personally think it's a bad location for the antenna. But then again I think the bottom of the phone is a bad location too.

Satellite TV is not really a good example as it's mainly line of sight and at a very high transmission that is very prone to fade by something coming into the path of the signal. Cell signals are not nearly as line of sight as sat tv.

Man thats all you heard around the internet when that phone was leaked. "Its ugly". My coworker proclaimed that it COULDN'T be real because it was too ugly and not Apple's style. But on launch day he sure enough got one and is extremely proud of his now beautiful phone.

If nothing else earns iFools the label of sheep this should.

Hold on a sec. Are you SURE these numbers include all iOS devices...iPhone, iPad, iPod touch??? Cuz I'm about to have a field day with iFools that always love to try and throw in any device in creation that starts with an "i" to pad their numbers. Please let me know.

Gartner specifically says iOS devices, not iPhone. That's my take on their results, as iOS = iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

That's an interesting point... Cause that's a lot of devices.

I love seeing Android grow.
And now that Samsung Galaxy S phones are out on top 4 networks... making it an option atleast for everyone.

The first 6 days, and Apple sold out before then. So the initial launch? Yes. (Q2 ends June 30, iP4 launched June 24)

Thanks, forwarding this data to the obnoxious iSycophants and have to ensure fidelity of data/comparison.

Good work because they are already swearing this doesn't count iP4 sales. And on top of that the sales did nothing but fall off from the launch rapidly and that has been shown multiple times. So its going to be really funny when Q3 rolls around. All of the sheep are expecting these rebound numbers and are to dumb to look at the numbers that are already there to see its not going to happen. And with the devices coming out on top of each other like this I don't think Android will see another quarter where it doesn't outsell iOS.

Oh yea...I forgot about how excited they seem to be getting hoping the iPhone is coming to Verizon. I hope either it does so it can continue to get blown out of the water and the shut up or Verizon says no thanks we have Droid so I can still laugh.

TiPB was all up on showing the numbers when these came out.....when it Present iOS devices in a positive light. Probably not going to see this on their site :O