Garnet Red Galaxy S 3

If you've been waiting for the garnet red Samsung Galaxy S III on AT&T, you'll be able to preorder it starting July 15. It'll be in stores starting July 29. 

It'll still run you $199 on contract, just like the white and blue versions. And it's still only rocking 16GB on on-board storage, but don't forget it'll take up to a 64-gigabyte micro SD card, so there's that.

If you're still on the fence, be sure to check out our complete AT&T Galaxy S III review!

Source: AT&T; more: AT&T Galaxy S III forums

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obi5683 says:

Red is the new White, but I would want one in Orange.

slopokdave says:

Orange would have been sick... with a nice BLUE case. GO GATORS! :D

ugaco07 says:

I'm sorry, don't you mean Go Gatuh....

BTW....pretty sure Jarvis Jones just sacked John Brantley again.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm actually surprised that we haven't seen any official NFL licensed phones with team colors and logos, at least on some mid-tier phones. Can you imagine how many black and gold handsets they'd be able to move in Pittsburgh?

ttriplett1 says:

I'm gonna hold on to my pebble blue one, red is a bit much.

work4crown says:

No no no...AT&'ve got it all's the Verizon version that is the 'red headed stepchild' of the S3 line.

21plays says:

Looks nice, however it will look better with a non blue wallpaper.

work4crown says:

Also, this color looks pretty hideous...I have a white one and the wife has a "blue" one....those colors are pretty nice. Classy even. I was groaning when I heard they were coming out with a red one.

I think most people use cases anyway so the color of the chassis is kind of moot to me.

Since Samsung knew this phone was going to be super popular maybe they should have done what some other products have done and make all the plastics easily removable and then sell all the plastics in various colors that could be snapped on and off at will.

Nah...there is already a huge market of skins and cases. Really don't need the cases to be loose and falling off half the time.

Best idea: just use neutral colors for the phone (i.e. black, white, grey) that will match any case you buy.

Case in point: the wife's "blue" phone...what case colors match that? It's going to be harder for her to pick a case color than it will for me. Especially since it looks slightly purple half the time.

butters619 says:

First, I rarely use a case, and if I do it's a clear shell so the color shows. However, I still wouldn't get a red phone because it's a bit much. As for your wife's phone, it does look purple most of the time. But a good case would be a clear, semi-clear, white, or yellow. If she doesn't like any of those, I don't know. haha.

work4crown says:

Thanks for the color suggestions. I will pass those along to her. :)

litlprince says:

The blue actually looks great with a dark blue or black case. Even more so though a purple soft case look amazing especially with the phasebeam wallpaper..

Whatever happened to Black?

x5denali says:

Only two weeks huh. Maybe I'll take this Pebble Blue back and get the RED. Just in time for the Olympics. Exclusivity make a difference (sometimes).

Thing342 says:

As a South Carolina fan, I kinda wish they had these on VZW.

dynomike1 says:

Ah, so you're a Cock... ;)


ep1963 says:

Black looks best combined with black backgrounds, makes the bezel less obvious

lafountain says:

Liking the color, too bad it isn't available on Sprint.

eahinrichsen says:

It doesn't matter what color my phone is; it always ends up being Otterbox-colored.

Jowlah says:


camiller says:

My wife would like that. But we are on sprint and not changing just for the color of phone.

Adirolfx says:

The pebble blue has a purple home button. Is the garnet red going to have a pink home button?

Nev says:

That's sexy.

Wicell says:

Agreed. I'm a jealous Sprint customer now.

Reminds me of the older Red Blackberries RIM used to offer.

dynomike1 says:

Yeah, I agree with Nev, that's a deep almost auburn red. Much better looking than I would have guessed.

b0btech says:

Actually I love the contrast great well I think this is a great pic and dark red.