Gangstar Rio

If you're not a thug in real life but want to live out that lifestyle Gameloft has now released something to help make you get a little bit closer. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is now available in the Google Play Store for all if you're willing to fork over $7 for it.

As you can tell by the name, this portion of the series takes place in Rio de Janeiro and offers over 60 missions to play through as well as a whole arsenal of weapons to choose from with your customizable characters. If you're into some gangster action, you'll find the NSFW trailer and download link past the break.


Reader comments

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints now available in the Google Play Store


I just do not get it. What does Gameloft have against Asus Tablets? Why do they support other Tegra devices but not the TF101 or the TF201?

Same here. they make awesome games but Why not let the rest of us play them. Several guys have been able to play the Xoom versions on their Transformers so it is not a compatibility thing.

Haha, I looked at the picture and thought they were introducing aliens into the series, looks like an alien with a carapace staring right at the camera, not some guy with his head back, also thought it was a tie-in to aliens with the name "gangstar"... guess I'll stick to my Osmos HD. :)

Haha I thought exactly that too. I couldn't see his head was tilted back for a good 2 minutes, genuinely was hoping someone else noticed that too lol.