Cross-platform and customizable gameplay breathe fresh air into a classic card game

In partnership with Mattel, Gameloft is releasing a new version of its extremely popular UNO game that expands the gameplay to online multiplayer. UNO & Friends builds on the classic card game to provide users with simple and customizable cross-platform multiplayer games -- and best of all its free to play. The game plays just like any other UNO game, but you get the bonus of customizable backgrounds, decks and special effects along with different perks and power-ups. Of course with a free to play model you can bet there are in-app purchases, but these don't seem to be required and are merely for extra features.

In order to get linked up with friends for multiplayer you'll have to use Facebook Connect, but the bonus of that is Gameloft says a web version of the game through Facebook is coming very soon. It also means that you can play games concurrently with both Android and iOS users, which is a big plus. You can grab a download of UNO & Friends at the Play Store link above.


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Gameloft releases UNO & Friends online multiplayer card game


Turn off ads for $2.99. Then you can buy tokens so you can buy special moves. 470 for $1.99, 1295 for $5.99, 2830 for $9.99, 6140 for $19.99. 16,530 for $49.99, 35,425 for $99.99. Special moves price goes from 40 to 3,000 tokens.

First J-Lo wants to open a latino-targeted Verizon store, now this. When will pandering the to the latin community stop?

Facebook connect? I'll pass on this one.

@ScottJ What does Uno have to do with the Latin community? I'm not in the US, and Uno was a very popular card game growing up here in Australia.

You are partially right. I was playing off the name of the game, Uno, being a Spanish word. However, it was satire. The people who jump to get offended at anything and make outlandish connections that don't exist were the main targets.

I was going to download this immediately until I got to the part about Facebook, then I said another f word (in my head).

I am anxiously awaiting the day when this in-app purchase fad dies along with requiring integration with social sites.

This is why I don't use my real name online. Anyway, I don't see this going anywhere since it's more to play a game then you can win. It's a fad that needs to go away. Sell us the game at a fare price.

I'm another one who would be all over this if it wasn't for the required Facebook link for multi player. Until they change that no thank you.