Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Tab S to hit UK market on July 4, 8.4-inch for £330, 10.5 for £420

Aside from an official Samsung sign-up page, we haven't heard a whole lot about when and where British consumers will be able to get hold of Samsung's new high-res, SuperAMOLED-toting Galaxy Tab S tablets. But today both Tabs have gone up for pre-order at Currys PC World, with prices starting at £329.99 for the 8.4-inch Tab and rising to £419.99 for the 10.5-incher. That's slightly more than Apple's Retina iPad Mini (£319) and iPad Air (£399), but cheaper than Samsung's earlier Galaxy Tab Pro slates.

PC World's online store suggests both Tabs will begin shipping July 4, and info passed our way from a tipster reveals that the Tab S series will be available in-store the following day, July 5. Over in the U.S., the new tablets are available to pre-order now ahead of retail availability later this month.

So, anyone tempted by a Galaxy Tab S at these prices? Shout out in the comments!

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Source: PC World (1) (2); Thanks Anon!


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Galaxy Tab S up for pre-order in the UK, prices start at £330


So they're pricing it directly in line with (well £10 more than) the base ipad mini with retina display? great, they'll lose

They won't lose if the person actually wants to buy a 10" Android tablet. The iPad mini Retina has 44.3 PPI more than the Samsung S Tab, the Samsung S Tab has a MicroSD slot, holding upto 128GBs. Compare that to the iPad Mini with Retina display with a 128GB SSD and that will cost £559.00.

If you buy a SDSDQUA-128G-G46A from Amazon, that will set you back £89.00, and you'd still save money than if you bought the iPad Mini with Retina display.

they're pricing the 8.4" Tab S £10 more than the iPad mini Retina for the same storage option, yes you can put an SD card in it, but most people buying a tablet wont. and no one buys 10" android tabs, they just arnet a great experience, even if this one does come with an AMOLED screen ( just a headsup, i love AMOLED screens) , larger android tablets suck beause there arent as many good tablet apps for android as there are for iOS, i dont use or like iOS products, but the app support for tablets is vastly superior on iOS, even apps like the playstore look jank on the tab S 10.5.

7-8" android tablets fare a bit better, but again, less apps than the iPad, and in the tablet space, apps really do matter

I have the 10inch Sony Xperia Tablet Z. I think it is awesome, easily rivals the ipad air. Granted there are less tablet oriented apps on android, but since getting the Sony tablet, I have not regretted ditching the ipad one little bit. I am more than happy with it, and it has a great screen. and it helps it's android and plays nice with my phone. To dismiss all android tablets is crazy IMHO.

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I've been actively considering the Sony Tab Z or Z2. Now the Sam Tab S has made me hold off. My wife has a Note 8, and a Note pro/S/8" would be a great upgrade.

I thought the same as you and bought an Ipad air. They're awful, yes, good app support but everything else in day to day use made me want to cry. I don't know how people use them. Very antiquated and frustrating os to use. Needless to say it has been sold, but inversely not replaced as android hasn't presented a good alternative.


The Tab S is being released on June 26 in the States according to BB and Amazon. Not next month.

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I want to see the screen, but for me the note series is the best, I'd take the note 10 over this. I use the s pen all the time.

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