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Home button slower than expected? There's a simple fix

As we enter Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day, here's a quick tip that applies to many Samsung phones including the newly-released GS5. If you've noticed your home button being a little less responsive than you'd expect out of the box, there's a good reason for that...

By default the GS5 (and many earlier Samsung phones) have S Voice, Samsung's take on a Siri or Google Now-like assistant, set to activate if you double-tap the home key. That's great if you want quick access to Samsung's voice-enabled assistant at any time, but it has the side effect of creating a slight delay after you first press the home button, as the phone has to wait to see if a quick second press is incoming.

To disable this shortcut and have the home key respond immediately every time, simply fire up S Voice (through the double-tap shortcut or in the app drawer). Then tap the menu button in the top right corner (three dots) and find the "Open via home key" option under "Wake-up." This is what you want to disable for slightly faster home button response.

The difference in responsiveness is subtle, but noticeable. And after disabling the shortcut you can still find S Voice in the app drawer, or open it in other ways like through the Galaxy S5's toolbox feature.


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Galaxy S5 launch day tip: Disable S Voice shortcut for faster home button response


^^^^ this. I'll throw in a "Samsung's check must have cleared

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It's release day...what did you expect. When the HTC One M 28 X or whatever was released the same thing happened.

All I want to know is when is the Note 4 coming out.

Shut up you damn troll. Too many S5 stories you say but you're the first to comment. What do you expect around the release date of Samsung's flagship device? Get a job!

I knew at least one person wouldn't catch the sarcasm. You can also tell who does and doesn't keep up with some of the writers on Google+. Lol

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Wow, we're still doing this two iterations removed from the GS3! You'd think they would have fixed that by now...

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Get a software button and not deal with this lolzor experience? Swipe up to trigger Google Now>>>>> Long press physical home button for S-Voice.

That would work pretty well actually. Especially since there is a scanner in the home button that will know when you're swiping.

No doubt, I do the same. Best thing you can do as well is install the Google Experience Launcher.

How do you disable the rest of the bloat since they decided to outfit the S5 with still only 2GB of RAM?

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Talk to your carrier about not putting it on? Tell them you want to enjoy all the features of touchwiz

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Definitely using S Voice more these days on the S4 (not from the home button though lol) Say what you want about it but does touch less controls pretty damn good once you master it . Bit better than the moto x imo.

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You're one of the few I've heard say that. I've never been to impressed with it based on the comparison videos I'd seen. I do think you have a point about it being more useful once you learn to adjust to it and it's nuances.

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God Samsung and their crap s voice. I love seeing all these "tips" to make your new s5 work faster. Seriously it should just work I shouldn't have to do all these things to my phone to make it run properly.

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Yes, there is. Download Home2 shortcut. They give you an option to double tap for Google Now. It's pretty epic. I'm pretty sure you can adjust the response time between double taps too so you get a quicker response if you're just trying to go "home".

Good luck!

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S voice wake up doesn't even work on my S5, so yeah I'm hating.
Voice control is pretty useless to me if I have to actually open the app myself.
so much for "hands-free"

I want to disable my s voice but i cant because even i tap 2times or i go app drawer n tap i still cant find the wakeup section why is that so?


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