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Three big Canadian carriers are pushing updates

Just when you thought that every version of the Galaxy S4 had received its Android 4.3 update, now Canadian carriers are having their turn. Users with Galaxy S4 and S4 Minis on Rogers, TELUS and Bell are all reporting that the big 'ol 790MB update to Android 4.3 is hitting their phone today.

You'll be seeing much the same as every other Galaxy S4 owner that has received the update, including slight visual refreshes to some icons and menus and support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. If you haven't received the update on your Canadian carrier-branded S4 or S4 Mini, now's the time to start checking.

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DWR_31 says:

I wonder if these will have that Knox - locked bootloader?

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bearda says:

All the 4.3 updates have so far, so I would assume so.

mhinc says:

Telus has Knox

qc1987 says:

So when's the update for o2 coming then?

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luqman24 says:

I just want 4.3 or 4.4 for my LG G2 so I can finally stream Netflix in 1080p. Hopefully LG smartens up with their update game and makes it a priority for their flagship phones especially, since they have finally released a phone that is worth considering and can be compared to the other high end phones like the S4 and HTC One.

mhinc says:

OLD NEWS! The updates started yesterday morning. Way to take over 24 hours to update. I even PMed Phil about it when it happened.
Always leaving Canada in the dust...Typical

Yes, because when the update started rolling out yesterday morning, every single person in Canada with a Galaxy S4 or S4 Mini checked and got the update and there's absolutely no need to tell anyone about it after it has started.

mhinc says:

My point was. The second ANYTHING happens in the United States, it's up instantly. When Canad has an update...Meh it can wait, it's just Canada!

NoNexus says:

Really? There have been leaked documents floating around about the Samsung kit Kat updates floating around for days, still haven't seen it here.
I would lie to think that Ac is looking for some confirmation of things before they just throw crap against the wall.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Wow. I'll bet you're a lot of fun at parties.

caddi27 says:

Any word when the update for T-Mobile Galaxy S4s will be released?

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Nobody cares about this. Where is my update for the note 2?

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mhinc says:

No, YOU don't care. All the S4 users do! Contact your provider and ask them!


Canadian S3 owners care too. Goes to show that we're getting closer to receiving the update.

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David Horgan says:

I just put 4.4 on my S4 a week ago. Screw waiting.

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tobrien1511 says:

How did you get 4.4? 4.3 has totally screwed up my S4. Powers on and off at will, touch screen and home button are sluggish at best among other issues. Samsung says they haven't received a single complaint about 4.3 which I find hard to believe looking at the online complaints.

gmonkey88 says:

Still waiting on my 4.3 update from Cellcom.

Why is the download size so big?

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luqman24 says:

More carrier bloat of course!

ahhChu says:

Any news on the 4.3 update for AT&T's S4? It's said to have been pulled by AT&T but AC never posted the news and acts like it never happened.

It's rolling out as of last week. Haven't heard anything official about it being halted.

ahhChu says:

Here is a fairly old article that I found on Google but I think it's still accurate.

There has also been a lot of talks in the AT&T S4 forums about the 4.3 update being pulled by AT&T and Samsung to fix some glitch.

I'm still on 4.2 and my phone says I'm up to date. I once was able to see I could update to 4.3 but I haven't seen it since it was first released.

fergieonline says:

Also note: Eastlink Wireless in Nova Scotia began pushing out the update on Saturday :D

brojoesc says:

Andrew, AT&T and Samsung have indeed pulled the 4.3 upgrade to the S4. We are still waiting and with no specific time when it might return. In the meantime other phones are already getting 4.4! Maybe choosing the S4 over the HTC One was a mistake after all (or waiting for the Nexus 5).

caddi27 says:

I think that T Mobile and Samsung did the same thing, except that they never released it in the first place. I don't mind waiting if it means we get a bug free update, but some updates would be nice.

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Gozeta says:

Can we change back to 4.2.2 if we updated to 4.3? Cause in 4.3 they removed the mobile data toggle in notifiction panel, which I use on a regular basis. Now u gotta go into settings just to do that. So stupid.

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Xaeryth says:

On Telus with S4 Mini and still no joy. Did this rollout get put on hold? I heard there were issues with the update...

LeahZ33 says:

I have a brand new Samsung galaxy s4 mini and it has the 4.2.2 version and keeps telling me I already have the current version! Any one else having this problem or know of a solution. TIA!

cellwood says:

got on Sunday from Rogers -same message - called rogers they did not seem
to acknowledge 4.3 on the phone - yet I see some forums seem to have people with it
does it take a while for downloads to be available in differens areas

clay c says:

Still waiting on my brand new s4 mini. 4.2.2 and says i have the latest