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It's been rumored previously, and now there's more evidence to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting the "multi-view" feature from the Note 2 in its upcoming Android 4.1.2 update. An early, leaked version of the ROM obtained by SamMobile also adds many other Note 2 features, including smart rotation, Paper Artist, a new gallery app and the Note 2's SwiftKey-powered keyboard.

For the uninitiated, multi-window allows you to split the screen between two full-fledged Android apps by long-pressing the back key. It wasn't quite ready for the Galaxy Note 2's launch, but was added in an over-the-air update few days later.

Today's leaked firmware is a pre-rooted testing build that's been cobbled together based on a system dump, so all the usual warnings apply. As it's not officially signed by Samsung, flashing the firmware will increase your custom binary counter, too. And it's for the international 3G S3 only (GT-i9300), so don't try flashing it on any other model.

The Galaxy S3 isn't the only device rumored to be getting multi-view. There've been whispers in the past few weeks suggesting that the original Galaxy Note (international version, GT-N7000) could end up with some of its big brother's showcase features, in addition to the new TouchWiz Nature UX -- as part of its Android 4.1.2 update.

There's no official timeframe for the Galaxy S3 to receive Android 4.1.2, but SamMobile seems to think the company's aiming for a December release on international models.

Source: SamMobile


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Early Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 firmware leaks, multi-view feature in tow


Sorry Samsung, Apple patented the process of adding more features to a released product by way of OS updates. Expect a call from their lawyers soon.

And if you haven't read, it doesn't matter what make or model...or what continent or country it's will sue for patent infringment. Germany, U.S., Australia, and the count goes on and on...

So your point of it being "global" means squat. Beside what he said was funny..try some humor.

sweet, the sooner Samsung releases it to the US, the sooner I can wait for VZW to leak a build for me to flash.

Would love to see AOSP based roms code their own version of this. Really would like this feature, but not enough to put touchwiz back on my s3.

If Touchwiz is bothering you that much why wouldn't you just run Apex or Trebuchet on top of a stock (Touchwiz) base. Then you get the UI you know and love and 99% of the fun Samsung features? Don't get me wrong. I love the customization options of AOKP and ran it and CyanogenMod exclusively through the Galaxy S I & II days, but with all the value-add that Samsung baked in on the SGS3 you are missing 75% of the reason to run the device if you are running anything AOSP based IMHO.

Very good point, I struggle with my decision to go to CM10 because I feel that I am missing a lot of goodies from Samsung. I will probably go back to stock as soon as AT&T lets us have JB.

Smart Rotation occurs when an opposing player brings the ball down into the corner, and our forward or center moves across the lane toward that player to assist in protecting against a driving shot at the basket or to help double team the shooter. The remaining players are then required to move over to fill the spots left open by that assisting defender to protect against the oppposing team passing the ball back around the key to the other side of the court which would be less guarded due to the double team.

Smart rotation is a feature that uses the front facing camera to "see" which way it needs to rotate the screen based on the angle of your face.

I am going to be "that guy". I have had this feature on my note for some time... and have had 1 use for it, and sadly it came before the update came out.

Don't really get the big stink about it, but can see how it would have a use for some.

smart rotation is a "Feature" (that doesnt really work for me at least) that looks at your face and eyes to determine if it should rotate the screen... meaning that if you are like laying on your side, with your phone in your hand... it wont auto rotate the screen if your eyes are matching how you are holding the phone.

Sadly it has not actually worked for me so far

Smart rotation.

Say you have your screen rotation turned on and you last down on the couch. The screen also rotates and you quickly turn it off. With smart rotation it uses the front facing camera to tellthe orientation of your face to decide whether to rotate the screen or not

I've had the S3 since it's release and am sadly still waiting for the first Jelly Bean update on Verizon. The lesson to be learned? Only buy Nexus devices if you want to stay up to date. The Nexus 4 is looking even nicer now. (Oh, and I understand this is a Samsung update/feature. I'm venting about not even having the initial Jelly Bean update yet).

I have Jelly bean on my Sprint S3 for almost 2 weeks now, and the word is next month we will be updated and get multi-view feature.

That's great. Problem is I've had Sprint before (Granted it was when the first EVO came out) and I'd prefer not sacrifice coverage/quality in order to stay up to date. (I get 30-40mbps down on Verizon LTE in my area which Sprint can't compete with today). I can however justify switching phones to a phone that I know will stay up to date.

That being said, getting the update 2 weeks ago, while better than Verizon seeing as we have no clue when it'll come out, is still a slow update time frame compared to Nexus devices.

Yes but even nexus devices on Verizon would take an age to be updated, OEM phones are getting quicker to be updated, especially top line Samsung ones. It's the appalling Verizon (that is made out to be the devil network over here in the UK) that slows updates to a crawl not the manufacturer recently.

Smart rotation is in Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update. At least it is for those of us on Sprint. I sure hope that Multi-View comes to the GS3, too. Pretty slick!

4.1.2, 4.2, all this sounds lovely. But I'm still sitting patiently for 4.1.1.

Hurry it up Canadian carriers.

i also am very upset with the current nexus i purchased. i see that all these other devices that are not nexus brand getting tested updates. this is crazy i hate to keep repeating what others or saying but, i have to admit if another device that isnt the nexus brand i will cancel my contract with verizon and go back to tmobile. this is crazy what is taking so ling to release the update. i think i see a lawsuit coming soon. this is crazy lte killed the nexus brand on there network. i cant believe they didnt even push out the 4.1.2 yet. now we are 2 fireware versions behind and the signal is trash with this phone. what is verizon doing, do they have there thumb up there butts.