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Sales of Samsung's leading smartphone for 2011, the Galaxy S II, have reportedly reached 20 million, ten months on from release. This figure, reported by Korean news agency Yonhap​, sees Samsung doubling the 10 million it sold in the first six months of the handset's availability, and reportedly brings total Galaxy S series sales to over 40 million worldwide.

Late last year, Samsung overtook Apple to become the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, and reported some 300 million total handsets sold in 2011. However, the two companies remain locked in a international legal skirmishes which have seen both try to block each other's products from sale.

Samsung has announced that it won't be showing the successor to the Galaxy S II at next week's Mobile World Congress, but that it'll be unveiled at a separate event sometime in the first half of the year.

Source: Yonhap


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Galaxy S II sales top 20 million worldwide, says Samsung


agree I have used cm9 on the s2 and honestly its nice but it just feels like having a new launcher on top...there's nothing really compelling in ics that I cant already do on the s2.get an s2 and use adw and you will be happy.2.3 for the s2 is super optimised and works flawlessly...obviously ics has more work done under the hood so that's welcomed but gingerbread on the s2 is perfect already and the good thing if you have an international s2 then you will be getting ics next month and then install nova launched and you have the ics launcher.

They should just say "a lot" of phones have sold. Throwing out a number could cause a lawsuit from the one whose name won't be mentioned.

It's success is justified. The Global version is still fast as hell in day to day use even with a truck load of random apps installed.

Love this phone. With custom ROM (UnNamed 1.3.1) I'm impressed the battery life I get. Typical usage throughout the day with all radios on and in 13 hours I still have 50% battery left. I can get a full 24hrs out of this thing. With this kind of power it's an amazing phone.