Samsung Galaxy S Froyo

Remember how the source code for the Samsung Galaxy S' Froyo update was released a few days ago? It actually was pulled pretty quickly, and now Samsung UK says it'll be back "from early November" and that "all operator versions to be available by the end of November." Chances are they mean European operators, but that's OK. Because November's just a week and a half away, and any release of source code puts us all a few steps closer to official updates. [Twitter via BGR]


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Galaxy S Froyo updates will return sometime in November, Samsung says


Okayyyy Phil I really don't like the passive attitude to his one. This is NOT OKAY. its blogs like this that should be lighting a fire under Sammy's ass

Like I have theorized before. They want to get the Tablets out before the Galaxy phone updates because they have a GPS issue they cant fix, they don't want the Galaxy name sullied by a fix that doesn't fix anything before their expensive push to tablet. That's my theory and I am sticking with it. The GPS issue was promised by Samsung to be fixed in September and now we are looking at November at the soonest, hopefully someone will start a class action soon.

Make sense. Im starting to lose faith in Sammy with their updates. They are prolly worrying about their WP7 line right now. How much longer will the update for US Galaxy S phone be delay? Personally I dont see it being pushed to us user anytime this year. Not to mention Gingerbread supposedly going to be announce this quarter. And most smartphone don't get more than 1 major update to stock. So I don't expect the current galaxy S line will get any Gingerbread love. oh well, we will see how this goes, i might be wrong.

end of november for Europe. Then usa gets it in 2011, tack in 4-6 months of carrier tinkering and were looking at a summer launch for froyo

I don't think that's the deal. The tabs are coming out in a few weeks and they are coming with 2.2.

I honestly would rather have something done right rather than something rushed and done wrong or have a lot of bugs. With the tabs hardware not being too much different form all the phones, I think 2.2 will come out at a reasonable time. My Captivate is barely 3 to 4 months old I believe.

The thing I'm mostly worried about is if 2.2 doesn't work as well for the Galaxy S line like it didn't work that well for the Droid X. Snapdragons really got a great boost of power but the Droid X in benchmarks pretty much stayed the same or hardly got sped up.

That's solves my delema.....going to return the Fascinate ASAP. I upgraded from the Droid that has Froyo, to a newer phone that does not and now we are getting delays, that should not be.

There isn't a "newer" phone on VZW right now. The Dinc doesn't have the same display anymore and the Dx looks plan washed out next to my Fascinate. Although this is pushing me to root rather than wait for Froyo.

This is just so typical of Samsung's Android support (or lack there of). I recommend going with HTC if you want timely updates.

Okay, this really is total crap. When I bought this phone, the update was supposed to be released in mid-September, now we're talking the end of November? For God's Sake, Samsung, Gingerbread is supposed to be out by the end of the year! Is my phone always going to be behind? Will I be doomed to constantly hear about cool new apps such as Chrome to Phone and the updated YouTube app, but have to watch jealously over the shoulders of friends as they use them? Friends, I might add, who have much older phones than mine - Phones like the original Droid and the ancient MyTouch 3G.

In this day of Android, there really isn't much different between Samsung phones, HTC phones, and Motorola phones. That is, except for the fact that those other two companies are trying their hardest to keep their products up-to-date. I guess if Samsung isn't going to put as much effort in, they'll have to accept that this will probably be the last of their phones many of us consumers buy....

LOL, wow, those phones have it because they are old dude. They've been out for awhile and the developers finally know it inside and out of course they are going to receive 2.2.

The galaxy s line just came out and there was a lot of hardware development and production to be pushed first. Now the software developers can get funded and paid to do their part and get to know the stuff.

Anyone that has worked as an engineer would know the rigorous process of getting a product out.

The Galaxy S line "just came out"? Samsung released the Vibrant and Captivate in the middle of July... It is now almost November. On top of that, the update just keeps getting pushed back.

It only took HTC 2 months to push froyo out for the Evo.

The international version of the Galaxy S was released on June 4th (the same day as the Evo) and of course, nearly 5 months later, it still has not gotten froyo.

Anyone who has worked as an engineer will also know there are efficient good development teams and companies, and there are inept and dysfunctional ones as well. I wish I had a moto or htc sad to say. I'm ok with it in the end but that is just because I don't find the meaning of life in my phone, but if I had known then what I know now Samsung wouldn't get my business.

Okay, so when Samsung probably started making the phone, the source code for 2.2 wasn't out yet. So they started working with 2.1 and got really far so release the phone. Then the source code for 2.2 came out near that time. They had 2 options.

1. Delay their product and rewrite 2.2 on there so it will come with it.

2. Work all their efforts on finishing up 2.1 and release the phone and worry about 2.2 afterward.

Either way, you're going to have a bunch of babies complaining about something. It's not like the other phones don't have their problems. Go on any board, every phone has something that people will complain about.

Dear Samsung, I bought your Epic 4G because it was supposed to rival the EVO. 2.2 was promised to be soon after launch. It's no longer soon and if you ever want me to buy one of your phones again, or let alone recommend one to a friend, you better get on this - NOW.

i will never again buy a sumsung phone again, we all got fool again, look at the Samsung moment, instint, Samsung is just not good with updates.

My GPS works fine. They never said September for 2.2 so I don't know where that came from. My fascinate is great, its fast on 2.1 so what's the big deal. And its the carriers that have to push the update out so stop getting on Samsung, I bet by December the code will be released for US versions and that seems timely to me.

@Nicktheriadie--Samsung themselves said September way back in the summer when Froyo dropped and the vibrant and captivate were coming out. In fact, it's probably on this very blog.

That was for the UK version, not the US. While they are still off, you still wouldn't see Froyo for the US versions by now anyway.
People need to chill. It'll get here when it gets here. If you can't wait, flash it....

Flash it? With what? There are no 2.2 roms to flash with because there has been no cdma source code released. No one is developing 2.1 roms for it because they are all waiting for 2.2 to come out. Face it. We are all hung out to dry by Samsung! >:(

~ Johnny

This really does bother me a little bit to be honest. I feel like I bought a brand new Bentley that came with donuts on it and the dealership is telling me the real wheels aren't out yet. I struggled between giving up my EVO for the Epic and made the switch and now I wish I would have stayed with the EVO. Hmmmmmm

First end of September, then October and now somewhere in November, i think we'll see more delays, Samsung Fail, should of gone with HTC.

We all commented on samsungs previous Update fiasco and this is just proving the point that they cant handle software updates. Everyone was worried about their update support because of the previous phones and they just proved everyone right

This is disappointing that the update has been delayed yet again (coming from a Palm Pre, where we were supposed to be able use Flash has been delayed for over a year now, I'm kind of used to it!)

I have not bought a phone yet, I've been trying to decide between the Evo and the Epic, and I am 98% sure that I will still go with the Epic, because even without the update, I still like the Epic better at this point, and if/when the Epic gets the 2.2 update, it'll just be a bonus!!

Not a huge deal to me as someone who switched from Verizon to Sprint in favor of the Epic 4g. The Galaxy S line is pretty substantial worldwide if I'm not mistaken, so I'm not particularly suprised by the delays. I'm perfectly happy with the performance on 2.1 and don't regret making the switch, so Sammy gets props from me for simply making an outstanding phone.