Samsung recently said that "something big" was coming at Mobile World Congress, and rumors began flying around about the next generation of Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab devices. A leaked Samsung PR detail has emerged which specifically mentions the successors to both. So it appears Samsung indeed has plans to unveil the Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 at this years Mobile World Congress in February. Will we see Galaxy S devices shipping with Gingerbread and a 10-inch Galaxy Tab successor running Honeycomb? We can only hope, and you can bet we'll be there to find out. [Samsung Hub]

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Blah says:

Seems sad to release sequel devices so soon after releasing the original.

corydunbar says:

Galaxy S 2 is pathetic that it will just be a rebranded nexus S. But Galaxy tab 2 is more of a counterpart device. it will likely just be a 10.1" galaxy tab with more battery life and honeycomb.

iPwn says:

After seeing how bad Samsung's support of their devices is with my Fascinate, why am I so interested in the new Galaxy S 2?

ScubaNitrox says:

Same with the Captivate. It is sad that they are only concerned about releasing new devices and they forget about or put little effort in fixing the old ones. Do they forget that most of us have to wait 1 1/2 - 2 years before we can upgrade to a new phone? Even if they come out with new devices all carriers will make us pay full price for a new phone(Around $500.00). I can't wait for the Motorola Atrix comes out! I know that I will have to pay the full price, but then it is good bye no update/fix Sammy! :p

WhoIsThis says:

Be careful what you wish for - Motorola phones have locked bootloaders. Not being able to depend on Samsung/carriers for updates is bad. Not being able to load custom ROMs is far worse though. The phone is pretty much going to have the stock ROM and when Motorola stops updating ... too bad. By the time a workaround comes, it's entirely possible that the new generation of phones will be out.

Of all the manufacturers, HTC does best when it comes to updates and making their phones easy to mod. Even they could improve. Of course, HTC has flaws too, most notably bad battery life, but also poor cameras (megapixels isn't quality), and their screens are not as good as what the competition offers.

jhilario72 says:

I agree completely. Too many people whine about not getting an OTA update when they could learn how to flash one. My Vibrant is a great phone and has great hardware. The Evo has an 8mp camera but sucks at photos and video even with a flash. The Galaxy 5mp blows it away. I'll take great hardware any day over software updates.


Don't do it! Never again will I purchase any Samsung product!

moises1204 says:

Man i feel you, i am also wandering why am doing this to my self why even think about Samsung product after all they shown us that they suck when it comes to updating software, and i came up with a conclusion, they have drug us yes drug us! with that beautiful super amoled screen that no other phone have and nicely shaped phones that feels so good on our hands, that cpu that just fly like no other phone, i can go on and on, so i guess I've will be waiting for this galaxy s 2 phone too.

RoccOn16v says:


Kinda funny that this is now reported here when I saw it around 1:30pm pacfic time hahaha.....who cares anyways as Samsung has been a Fayul with their updates & devices in a lot of ways. I'm hoping they flop Lmao sorry to soundf so negative about it.

curney says:

Love my Tab! Can't wait for #2

curney says:

Love my Tab! Can't wait for #2

dguidry12 says:

Nope..Would mess with a crappy sammy product..Touchpad is where im headed Webos...The far superior OS to all OS on the market FTW!!

kinster02 says:

Sure it is keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel good.

dguidry12 says:

All experts have stated the same fact..Webos is superior..The only fault is apps but they will come as HP promotes the product

pagehite says:

Well, now we have proof positive that the Galaxy S phones will never see the light of Froyo in the USA.

Impulses says:

Umm, the T-Mobile Galaxy S Vibrant received Froyo last week. Before that I think it was fair to blame Samsung for the massive delay, after all, my EVO received the update in August and it only launched like a month before the Galaxy S line. However, now I think the ball is firmly in Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T's court. If they haven't pushed 2.2 unto their Galaxy S variants before MWC they're definitely gonna have egg on their face imo.

planoman says: done with Samsung...

bobaka says:

ditto. samsung is dead to me

Go with samsung if you want good screens, and hardware but if u want updates then forget it sticking to my, mytouch 4g HTC FTW
Htc is great at updates, hardware, and quality of oh phones

jhilario72 says:

HTC cameras suck.

jhilario72 says:

How you don't mind watching videos on dull HTC screens

pDoG says:

the subject has been beaten to a pulp. I wouldn't be surprised that alot of phones out now wont be upgraded to 2.3.

Go Samsung! Go Samsung!
I live in Portugal, so i've had my update months ago. Great hardware, great design, i cant realy complain about anything...
I just love my Galaxy S. But if the new generation comes already with the Orion, i'll fall in love again ^^ xD

NarekRocks says:

Got my Galaxy tab for 2 months and already regret getting it because of these new tablets.