Concept renders of unannounced devices can be a fun way to think of how you would design a phone if you were put at the head of the table, and this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 render is a cool example of what happens when you let your mind run wild. This Galaxy Note 4 is made out of either bamboo or ceramic, and boasts an awful nice combination of colors and materials.

Sure this will never actually happen, but it's pretty neat to think about. Would you consider buying a Galaxy Note 4 if it looked like this?


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This Galaxy Note 4 concept will never happen, but it looks great!


Nope :) I got a rubber case on my gs5 and rarely drop it

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These mock-ups always upset me, because they look 1000x better than any phone actually released!

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No the spen was so slick you just didn't see it! It retracted into the headphone jack lol

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

A wasted concept for sure (NO Spen) that's where the fun begins on the real Note products we all know that.

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I had the Note 3, my wife she took it and I end up with the LG G 3, I`m happy with it so far. LG has done good job since the first G phone. The only thing I`m praying for is the software update, which LG will known for it late update for their phones. Other than that I`m happy with the phone.

Not great but getting better, like everyone else. I am more interested in how many updates the G3 will get as opposed to when it gets the updates.

Enjoy you're Lg G3 it's kool for sure but isn't even in the same league as the Galaxy Note product line.

Phablet means software solutions and feature implementations true multitasking on all levels all the G3 is turns out to be a big smartphone with a 1440p screen.

Rest assured in October the entire world will how it's truly done in the phablet category when the Galaxy Note 4 arrives.
Samsung made this category prominent four years ago everyone else are just pretenders realistically.

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Nice to see you back Richard.
But the G3 is a bezeless phablet in a phone sized body. (Q-Apps do most Note features on most LG phones.)

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Q-apps are nice, and I have not gotten into them like I want to yet, but they are not a replacement for the S-Pen

Yeah, first thing I noticed. Reminds me of the HTC M8b with the curved back, maybe the LG G3 too.
So ergonomically it's a fail.

Looks OK but ergonomically looks bad with those very sharp edges. Imo looks like it will be uncomfortable to hold and will dig into your palm.

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Very pretty, but I dislike sharp corners. I'm a Note 3 user, so upgrading soon seems daft; however the basic notion of a big phone works for me. So would a small tablet with voice.
Awesome AC.

If the note 4 is made of bamboo and has a high def Youm display, I will sell myself to buy it.


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This is extremely stupid, why would anyone want a Galaxy Note that doesn't seem to have a stylus? Then it's more like a mock up render of Galaxy S.

Samsung really needs to get rid of the physical home button. Especially on the note line of products.
It sucks that you can use the spen on the other 2 capacitive buttons but you have to use your finger on the home button.
Never made sense to me.

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I use my s pen on the home button all the time. You just push down. And Samsung will never do away with home button. When you dominate the market you don't change your design. I haven't used the power button to turn device on in years. It's quicker and makes one hand operation easier.

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I am not a fan of Samsung's button choices either. I don't mind having a home button and a back button, but I would prefer not to have a menu button and instead let it be open-apps, or even let us customize it. I do prefer vanilla android though and the onscreen buttons.

You are kidding right? You cannot push the pen onto the button? Are you daft?

Though I can get used to not having the home button, I like it. It serves a nice purpose and Google design language (suggestions) be damned

Meh. I think I still prefer the design of my i717 (Note 1) with 4 capacitive buttons, which has since become a permanent alarm clock running some random KitKat Rom. If I could get the features and battery life of my Note 3 in my i717, I would probably go back to it

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Given all of the different concept designs I see for any given phone mfg (Samsung, LG, CrApple, etc.) it seems rather OBVIOUS that those companies SHOULD be EMPLOYING those DESIGNERS since their own people suck at design. Samsung needs to step up their game and deliver a truly different design on the GN4, heck they need to release the GS5 32GB that is still MIA since the April launch.

Looking at the LG G3 right now. Its everything the GN4 wants to be but isn't (yet).

I'm getting the Note 4 regardless of design. However, I'd be more inclined to slap a case or even a skin onto it if it had this design. My reasons:

1. The wood just looks ugly, IMO. I'm not a fan of the Moto X's wood backing option, and knowing Samsung this would just be plastic.
2. I wouldn't get the wood anyway, as I won't buy a white phone (is that racist against phones?), and the only black one is the ceramic one, which looks very bland (not to mention slippery).
3. I hate that white strip on the BLACK phone.

What I do like:
1. Physical home button is present! :D I'm not a huge fan of software keys.
2. That lockscreen animation is beautiful.
3. The capacitive buttons are updated. (I doubt this will really happen, as the Note 4 will probably ship with KitKat. Note 4 will probably ship in September, while L will be released in October(ish), right?)