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Samsung's flexible AMOLED displays, long demonstrated to slack-jawed journos at trade shows, could be about to find its place in an upcoming smartphone, if reports from South Korea are accurate. In a recent article on the latest AMOLED display innovations, the Korea IT Times reports that the Galaxy Note 2, due to be unveiled in Berlin on Aug. 29, will utilize the bendy display tech. In addition, Samsung's new, thinner Unbreakable Plane (UBP) tech is also said to be used in the Note 2, freeing up space for extra battery capacity. That's interesting given that just a month ago the Korean press was reporting that UBP was off the table for the Note 2.

These rumors, combined with recent reports of RGB AMOLED displays reaching pixel densities of 350ppi, make for encouraging reading, suggesting that Samsung's upcoming stylus-toting smartphone may usher in a host new display technologies. In particular, the reported use of flexible AMOLED might suggest some sort of curved device encompassing a curved screen. Samsung has dabbled with curved glass in its phones before (in the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, to name a couple), so it's possible the Note 2 might develop these ideas further by curving the AMOLED display beneath. (It should go without saying that the actual phone itself won't bend.)

We still know almost nothing about the Galaxy Note 2, but rumored specs suggest it'll sport a 5.5-inch, 16:9 display, up from the 5.3 inches of the original Note. Whatever form it takes, we'll be live from Berlin on the 29th to bring you full coverage of the next Galaxy Note, so keep it locked to AC.

Source: Korea IT Times


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Galaxy Note 2 reported to use flexible AMOLED panel


Or they bring the old note, just hope samsung would do the same they did with the gs3 hit everyone with the same.

That still doesnt solve the problem of dingy whites, or the screen looking like a yellowed newspaper compared to the HTC One X.

Actually it does, because those problems are caused by the disproportionate number of green subpixels on PenTile AMOLED screens.

In that case....

Hooray! True whites and high saturation of colors?! I'm a happy camper.

Now if only this was in a slightly smaller package than the Note. I'm glad for those who love this device, but I would like something along the lines of the GN or simliar.

Thanks for clearing that up btw.

What I really won fix without a lot of software help is over saturation. That's just a natural property of AMOLED displays in general.

It also doesnt help with HTC's spiral into bankruptcy. Get a custom kernal where you can adjust gamma, color multipliers and contrast ratio. My Gnex screen after being adjusted looks much better than the stock One X screen. Sorry that you bought a crappy phone with hardware buttons and Sense

Surely you can show is with some video? I seriously doubt what you're saying for the simple fact you felt the need to bash HTC.

Was that new panel confirmed to be RGB and not pentile? I'm just wondering because I didn't see I mentioned in Jerry's article about that panel when it was announced.

I must admit I'd been hoping Samsung would surprise everyone and put a full HD NBP screen in the NoteII... 3 weeks is seeming like an impossibly long time at the moment- I'm planning to get a NoteII if it doesn't disappoint- 'Stripe RGB AMOLED' seems to mean 'NOT PENTILE', and 350ppi means a 1920x1080 5.5" display would be more than possible... I'm excited to see what the 29th actually reveals...

Meanwhile, Apple's 'innovation' is going to be a 3.85" screen, no Google Maps, no Youtube, and a new connector to charge the phone.

Yup and T-Mobile is just about to release the old/ New version.
I don't don't know about any of you but even if I wasn't tech savvy
and I just bought a brand new phone that I thought was getting the best only to see Samsung come out with the Note 2 weeks later after I signed a two year contact? I would be very pissed.
For us in the know are not going to buy the year old / New phone
but I'm sure there will be a lot of.confusion going on. Which will make it even worse when the Note 2 comes to Att and maybe VZW. T-Mobile blew again.


It's worth mentioning that the curved screens that we've seen so far only have curved glass, with the actual panel underneath still being flat.

Great! I was planning on buying an S3 this weekend and now this news. Hmm... Wait until 29th or just get an S3? Life is so hard...

Why isn't AC covering the Apple Samsung trial? It would be nice for my favorite android site to keep me updated about the biggest android fight.just saying

Well being that Samsung is the biggest android manufacture I would s assume that in someway it would effect android in someway!

Sorry I didn't realize that saying this is my favorite site meant my life hinged on every article and sub article. What I was suggesting that it keep us informed based on what they think was credible whether it was a link to an article they find accurate. To say causes your not there is no excuse not to report whats going on. If Sammy loses and can't sell gs3's no more I'll bet they'll report that even though they weren't there. All im sayin is that this is my one stop know all android site, not the verge or allthingsd. Just saying!

"What I was suggesting that it keep us informed based on what they think was credible whether it was a link to an article they find accurate."

"The process is either fascinating or mind-numbinly dull, but this one has some major ramifications. The usual game of blogger telephone should be avoided. (Worse is that I'm seeing third-hand information. Reblogging reblogged stories.) Me? I'm reading All Things D, The Verge and Reuters."


"To say causes your not there is no excuse not to report whats going on."

Actually, as was spelled out in the article, it's a very good reason. AC and Phil see no need to add to the noise that is already deafening. If you can't be bothered to click a link to another site then you probably shouldn't be on the internet.

Can someone do me a favor and clearly spell out the benefits of a flexible screen? Having capacitive screens on the sides and/or rear of the device MIGHT be cool (uses?), but I don't think they've managed to do full 90 degree bends yet... or have they? Would simply having a convex/concave screen be worthwhile? If so, why?

I guess I just don't understand the benefit(s) at this point...?

Truth: Phablet market is as important, if not more, as smartphone market. My intuition says that phablet market is going to be more important than smartphone market as the time goes.

Truth: Resolution limit for phablets is 1600x900.

An apology to Samsung: I was asking Samsung to hold back innovations from phablet market so that they can be introduced in smartphone market later, BUT THAT IS TOTALLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Introduce innovations as soon as possible whether it is in a phablet or a smartphone.

So use flexible AMOLED display and/or Unbreakable Plane (UBP) in Samsung Galaxy Note II.

While these things sell decently it doesn't really compare to the units you get when you talk iPhone, S3 and whatnot. Working at an att store I saw that most people think the Note is too big for everyday use. A lot of enthusiasts seem to like it though.

What ever happened to the days of coming out with a new model every year or a two. The US version of the Note is barely 6 months old and Samsung is releasing a newer model already? Doesn't make much sense at all. This will make me hesitant to purchase another device from Samsung in the future. This is poor marketing at its best. Maybe you should release the International version first then see how you can better the device and release that model for the US. Alot of us are locked into a 2 year contract and can't upgrade to the newer model for a year and 1/2.

It may not seem as great marketing but it is good business. Pumping out as many products as you can for consumers to buy. Especially for a company like Samsung with such incredible products right now, people want to buy what they make.
The average consumer such as yourself, may be upset because he cannot upgrade for another year or more and has to rely on the subsidized price of the device, but with all the numerous outlets of buying a device today such as Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, craigslist etc; there are options. People don't have to wait until they are eligible for upgrade. People are willing to spend a few dollars more than just every two years. I, myself use a BlackBerry 9930, an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy SII (not at the same time of course). I like having the options of switching between devices. Follow craigslist, browse eBay and every now and than you come across a great deal. Talk to people, trade. Be open and explore all posibilities.

I don't like to wait one year or worse, two, for the upgraded model of a specific device. I mean there is a reason Samsung just de-throned Nokia as the top device maker in the world after a 14 year reign. Samsung is obviously doing something right.

Competition is good. New models coming out every 6 months is much better than once a year. Not everyone is locked into their 2 year contracts at the same time. With every new model, they are testing newer technology, and finding out what people like and don't like. This is not poor marketing. This is Progress(and not the political kind).