Note 10.1.

Android Central @ CES

Just a day after Samsung announced that its flagship Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet will arrive on Verizon Wireless shelves in the coming weeks, the LTE-enabled unit reared its head at Samsung's massive CES booth here in Las Vegas. Other than the honking 4G LTE logo on the back (really, this makes the Note 2's  tattoo look modest), this device is identical to the tablet we've grown to love-- same 10.1-inch display, same S-Pen functionality, and same TouchWiz interface. This unit will ship with Jelly Bean out of the box, and Samsung reps say that while there is no hard release date, we should expect it "shortly." Be sure to hit the break for more shots.



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Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE hands on


Seriously.....while you're down there, badger them into giving info on when Wi-Fi versions will get JB. I will be annoyed if this ships before I get JB. Early adopters get fleeced? That's not right...

What's not right is I'm tired of having to wait until tech is 6 months old to get it to a carrier.hire come the iPad can do it from day 1? I'm not gonna buy this thing at an inflated price for 4g when something twice as good is gonna come along in no time probably by the same manufacturer because this is already old!

I totally can see your frustration here, Plus on top of that what no one seems to tell the public is that Verizon Purposely makes the 4G devices almost impossible to Root & MOD. So when you're tired of waiting around for a software update from them, you can't even MOD the OS to a newer version without them. I bought the Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G not knowing this and I have to put up with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I've had Jelly Bean via Team EOS Hack on my Motorola Xoom since a week after Jelly Bean first released. So you can imagine the feeling of having to step back to an older OS on a Tab that is far superior to my Xoom. Bottom line Verizon 4G just isn't worth it at least not yet.

I bought a note 10.1 yesterday from Bestbuy and it came with Jelly bean. 16gb wifi only. It must be ready to roll out

Hmmm... something to consider with this tablet. I have a shared plan on VZW with lots of data we aren't using. I'm also contemplating a new tablet. I was thinking about getting a Nexus 10; but there's some great Tegra devices coming out. Having a tablet with built in 4G seems interesting (and for only $10/mo); but I also get free WiFi hotspot so its not essential.

Fortunately no rush as my Xoom WiFi is still going strong.

Right you are Sir, My Xoom 3G is running Team EOS Mod Jelly Bean and it kicks my Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G Ice Cream Sandwich's Ass.

So I just bought the Wifi only version from Best Buy, (but apparently just slightly early, as it came with ICS, not JB). My question is, do I return it and wait for the Verizon 4G version just so I have the 4G if I want it (I would be on the Share Everything plan anyway), or would I be happier with keeping Verizon out of my tablet and keeping the unbranded Wifi version? Does anyone know if there are any hardware changes between these devices? (Other than the 4G ability, obviously.)