Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So you got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus in your hands and you are left wondering exactly just what it can do, and how to do it. It's the first device to launch with the newest Android operating platform, Ice Cream Sandwich, and while the core functionality is the same as older versions, a lot has changed, too. From the on-screen buttons to the new menu locations, there's a good chance you're stumbling around a bit while using your new phone.

We have the best forum community in the Android world, and great folks just like you and I are always working hard to bring nothing shy of the best for everyone. Forums member milominderbinder has taken some time to create an extremely comprehensive guide of tips and tricks to make your experience with your new Galaxy Nexus even better. From things as simple as the new navigation methods to fixes for Facebook sync and much more, this guide is a must read. A few tidbits:

  • How to get Facebook Sync working
  • Change the notification LED
  • No microSD card? No problem
  • Low speaker volume
  • Camera focus
  • Messaging fixes

The list goes on and on. And that's one of the great things about having a Nexus device. While it's better than many straight out of the box, you also can apply more tweaks than you have time for in any given day and make the phone just as good as it can be. And because it's a Nexus device, you also can start from scratch anytime you want, or back up your phone with a custom recovery. Whether you think you have a pretty good feel of the device or you just grabbed one, you can definitely learn something from milo's guide.

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Galaxy Nexus tips and tricks [From the forums]


I gotta say these are pretty weak options. Most of the app work arounds have poor ratings and bad comments. Dont really see most of these as solutions but just different problems.

The apps listed are all 4+/5 stars. I have had great success with them. Many have gotten great write-ups here and other sites.

Which app do you feel got bad reviews?

Camera Zoom FX is nice.... only complaint is that it takes away panoramic mode (..or at least I haven't figured it out yet.)

I think Google would really appreciate it if you say it is the new action bar and action overflow rather than new menu location :)

I dunno about you guys but im tired of hearing about the gnexus. Every photo on here is the nexus, you guys are too pro gnexus IMO. There are other good phones out there and much better ones being announced in feb.

Yeah, I get it. They should have called this article "ICS Tips and Tricks", and used one of the other phones with ICS in the pics. Oh...wait...

I agree with you smooth3006...its all about the gnex on android the site. enough with gnex overload.

Nexus is the flagship Google device and we happen to be on a pro Google OS based website... maybe we shouldn't be shocked that their is so much hype about the Galaxy Nexus here... :/

Typed from my Amazing Galaxy Nexus =]

I think you have a lemon. I've never had either of these issues, and I got mine on launch day for the US.

look through the forums. there is a forum thread for how to get swype to work. i've had it running for 2 days now.

Maybe this question is better in the forum but why can I get data when I'm.on a call. My thunderbolt did it when I was 4g or 3g. Now the sec I get a call I lose data.....

that's the norm for any cdma phone. The thunderbolt I think had two radio's for 3g that allowed you to use data and voice at the same time.

The Thunderbolt was Verizons first and only phone that used SVDO as opposed to just EVDO. It allowed voice and data over 3G at the same time. I don't know why there are no other phones being made like that. Maybe it was a big battery hog or maybe it made the phone bigger than what it was Which the Thunderbolt was both. It's cool though there is enough 4G in my area where I don't have to worry about it