Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Just as someone predicted, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has begun arriving in Verizon stores, which means we're starting to see pictures of it in Verizon stores. And that's cool and all. But unless it comes along with a press release from Verizon telling us exactly when it's going on sale, it's just another tease.

Source: XDA via Galaxy Nexus forums

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TeH_AJ says:

hi iam phil and i like to ruin dreams!

harshey1388 says:

dec. 8th here we go!?!?

gene1138 says:

Could our long national nightmare be almost over? :)

izzyncade says:

No, we have to wait until November for that and then the following January... lol.. but for the waiting on this phone... yes is coming...

I see what you did there.

JacobE says:

Hah! Amen to that, brother! As for the phone, I got tired of waiting, and can't really afford it right now anyway. So I got a Galaxy SII for now, and will wait for the quad core phones.

RaiderWill says:

Wise Move..

Blazing on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

KleenDroid says:

But it's an "Amazing" tease!

oh KleenDroid you crack me up. haha. and i will be getting this phone the SECOND it's available.

Ha, the new holiday Lloyd up top looks like he's flipping the bird. Is he angry at Verizon too?

Skatedawg says:

Come on Verizon announce a release date already!!!!

StuRoid says:

They're actually only delivering empty boxes :P
I case you haven't noticed, there isn't a phone in that photo hehe

gsmalleus says:

There is a phone in some of the other photos on xda. But the other photos on xda also show that the box it is in is just a plain white box. No graphics or print on it. Just a white box...

orlanka says:

Pardon my insolence, however, how do I know that this is a Verizon store? Honest question.

Premium1 says:

Nobody does. Droid-life posted it and all the other sites ran with it. Even droid-life says they may not be in stores.

trenen says:

And nobody questions why these units are in a white, unbranded box? Wouldn't official retail units come in a nice artsy box like all the other phones in the world?

trixnrice says:

if you havent seen the retail box for the gsm version...its white just like this one. has the nexus branding on it. your assuming its unbranded, you cant tell from the picture. just sayn.

gsmalleus says:

Check the pics in the xda source link. Plain white.

trixnrice says:

ah. just checked. i stand corrected. strange.

mr nruz says:

nah i want the "real" version. Verizon really is trying to brand this already with the tramp stamp and now with the red packing. not to mention the bloatware

Hand_O_Death says:

I have been out of the loop for a bit I guess. What bloatware is confirmed to be on the VZW version? Sorry I searched but was unable to find the post. Thanks.

gsmalleus says:

I believe it was just the Verizon Backup Assistant and the My Verizon Mobile apps. But both could be disabled.

I may get this or the rezound. Dunno yet, but the packaging on this is thrown together unlike the sweet packaging of the rezound.

rew001 says:


rew001 says:

Tony is the man.

Next Phil will be telling us man actually walked on the moon.

Snookrc says:

"Just as someone predicted", pretty easy to do when you post news with a new date rumor every week for a month.

moosc says:

A plain phone gets a plain box. If they doll up the box then it will bloated and folks will whine

JRonnie7 says:

Received text message this morning from anonymous Verizon source: "Just received an email in regards to new galaxy phone: supposed to start seeing them arrive on Tuesday, launch date of the 9th." Hopefully the rumored launch schedule holds true.

jk says:

Ive spoken to reps at three local Verizon stores today. Two told me that the phone is scheduled for release on the 9th. The third claimed to have no information regarding the release date.

NetSiege says:

Not saying, but just saying, 9th it will be.

gpf2ez says:

I'm good with the 9th. I have that morning off and then traveling across country that afternoon. Plenty of time to switch the wife over to my Bionic and get intimate with my new Nexus :D

I am off this week till December 13th because I felt this would be the week the Galaxy Nexus came out for purchase. If it is December 8 or 9th this gives me 4 to 5days of peace and quiet with my Galaxy Nexus. But first time to turn in my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket which I got November 23rd for 1penny my very first Samsung device. Had some great practice for my Galaxy Nexus..

echomouse says:

Just got an email to from Virgin (Canada) that my Galaxy Nexus is shipped and I should have it Wednesday 7th. Yay!

angus_3 says:

I went in and played with the galaxy nexus today at my verizon store, and it is pretty darn good! I was a bit shocked at first because i thought it had bloatware (OMG i know right?!) but it was just stuff that vzw pre installed on the demo phone, and it was easily removable/uninstallable. It runs great on the lte network and feels REALLY nice in the hand, and the screen is downright amazing to look at. Oh and finally the voice text is PHENOMENAL. sorry to ramble but after playing with it today IM SOLD.

lorcha says:

This can't possibly come to Sprint soon enough!

whitecomet says:

I am excited but yes it should come to sprint att and every other carrier imo. I have big red but still think everyone should be able to get their hands on this. My birthday is the 7th so this will be a nice gift to myself whenever it arrives.

greenlink says:

i'm in canada and stores here already have them. how do i know? i played with one last night