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The promised volume bug fix for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now rolling out over-the-air, with multiple Nexus owners reporting that updated software has arrived on their handsets. The OTA package weighs a little under 1MB, and updates the Nexus from build ITL41D to ITL41F, while the Android version remains at 4.0.1. So far it seems that the update contains only the volume bug fix, and that there are no other goodies hiding inside.

If you've noticed the bug on your device, you'll want to head straight to Settings > About phone > System updates to grab the new software. At the time of writing, not all Nexuses have received the patch, so if you don't get it straight away then be sure to check back in the hours and days ahead. Unlike previous Nexus devices, there's no easy way to directly apply apply the OTA package without unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone or other such hackery. If you're comfortable messing around with Android's software internals, though, we've figured out a way for you to apply the OTA update manually, without waiting. Check it out.

Head over to the comments and let us know if you've already received your update.


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Galaxy Nexus OTA update now rolling out with volume bug fix


NOBODY CARES UNTIL THE RELEASE THE DAMN PHONE!!!!!! I call for a press embargo until the damn thing is in my hands. This is just torture

I think the correct response is that no one in the United States care, because there seems to be another "delay" from Verizon. However, plenty of the overseas readers are very much interested in the update, that is when they can stop laughing at everyone in the US who doesn't have it.

I know exactly how you feel, though I do not feel like I am getting the short end of the stick from Google. I feel like I have a GIANT RED V sticking me in the eye. Thank you Verizon, and thank you messed up cell service in the US where we need multiple different frequencies.

AT&T's 850 band operates in a similar frequency range to the European 900Mhz bands. This issue might still be impacting the VZW phone when near an AT&T phone so they held off.

.....I have the phone and I care :'(
Just got it from Handtec (before the slight price jump). Not bragging, just sayin. Pittsburgh btw

This updates is insignificant in the US, since the bug will not be affecting the US device. But it will be still great to own a fully functioning device.

Just noticed how Google is all about unifying the devices and doing away with fragmentation. How do they do that? By fragmenting the developer device for ICS? lmao. Here's to Verizon never getting exclusivity ever again. They've proven time and time again that they don't know how to release phones in a way that pleases the consumer.

Unless this bug came up in their testing. If the testing involves interference tests with AT&T phones as part of it than it could have.

As for fragmentation, it's no different than the Nexus S.

again there is no interference between CDMA and GSM phones. Secondly there is a lot more fragmentation than the Nexus S. It's a COMPLETELY different phone. From the insides to the outside. It doesn't even look like the same phone.

On AT&T in the US, haven't seen the update yet. Of course I wasn't experiencing the problem but hey, who doesn't like updates :P

I have a UK handset and no update yet:(Sigh! The way it stands now for me it is unusable since it just goes to mute by itself and i miss calls. Reporting from Thailand.