Angry Birds

Good news, folks. The long-awaited full version of Angry Birds (we've been going nuts playing the limited beta over and over) finally will drop next week, developer Rovio announced on Twitter this morning. They're working on proper multitasking, which pushed things back a tad. But that's worth waiting for, right? [Twitter]


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Full version of Angry Birds hits next week


I got the beta to work on my girlfriend's LG Ally running Eclair (Android 2.1), even though it didn't show up in the market for her. I wonder if it will be available for more than Froyo (Android 2.2), or if it will work with Eclair and earlier versions.
I'm very excited for this release of Angry Birds, since I'm bored trying to get 3 stars on just 15 levels right now. I'm hoping that they will have something close to 150 levels like on the iPhone.

I've been running on both my EVO with 2.2 and my Epic 4G with 2.1 so I don't think Angry Birds is supposed to be a 2.2 exclusive. I wonder what might be keeping it from the market from your girlfriend's phone...

I cant wait Ive played so much I got three stars on all the levels uninstalled and did it all over again. Now I just launch birds as high as they got to see how many points I can get, yes I am bored

Been looking forward to this, glad they added proper multitasking support. No more lost levels when a phone call comes in.

will the full version be free, because i can't afford paid apps at the moment and i love this game, i've uninstalled and 3 starred it 3 times now. just curious if anyone knows would appreciate a response.

Won't be free. It will likely be about 3 bucks or so. It was only 2 bucks for pre (which i think ports easy from iphone) and was easily worth 10 or more based on the amount of entertainment and replay. I had just gotten it for my pre when it came out and went droid shortly after. Will likely get it for my Epic eventually, I played it tons on my pre, want a small break.
Great game.

So once again I will get to hear from my girlfriend: "If you continue to play Angry Birds all the time, your gonna have angry girlfriend..."

I have a Samsung Vibrant with 2.1 and have not been able to find Angry Birds in the Android Market!! I contacted Rovio but only got corporate reply's with no real help or solution. They just didn't care.

I did get the download thru another websites APK file and it was a blast to play. Yet, we Vibrant amd relalted users will most likely not see the full version on the market next week either.

It's a great game with a potential to make them a lot of money, so why does Rovio not care about supporting all Android 2.1 (and above) phones!!!!

Just frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do care. Really sorry to hear that we sent some corporate speak email to you, that should never happen. Feel free to forward the email to me at and I will get the process fixed.

The problem you are refering to is well known and there's nothing we can do to fix it. The Samsung Galaxy S phones are reporting their capabilities to the Android Market incorrectly, ie saying that they don't support Open GL ES even though they do. Open GL ES is one of our requirements, so the game doesn't show up on the device at all. Both Samsung and Google are aware of the problem and a fix has been rolled out, but before the carriers roll it out to their customers takes a while. The workaround is to use GetJar, there you can download the APK and it will run great on the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones.

The full Android Angry Birds will hit next week, looking forward to hearing feedback on that one, both good and bad.

omg! Yesss! Pretty dang excited about this game. I had no idea how much fun launching different birds at green pigs could be. Insanely addictive...but you already know that. Thanks Rovio! Keep up the good work!

can't wait! i'm loving the dev support android is getting lately. Between this and Mini Squadron my gaming needs are almost satiated. Now bring on OMG Pirates!!!

Giddy as a school girl! I've been playing the full version on my Palm Pre. I have an EVO so my eyes are strained!!!

Hey Android community! Why don't we prove the Apple developers wrong and BUY this one instead of stealing the .apk? Apple has THE best games for mobile devices hands down and I've read on some apple game dev forums like Touch Arcade that they WILL be paying attention to the sales numbers. BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT and more great games will port over.

Love this game! Already beat all of the levels on my Palm Pre. I will buy it again for my Epic. Much better game than that crap Fruit Ninja!