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The fruit-slashing favourite, Halfbricks' Fruit Ninja, has received an update today that brings with it some pretty nice new multiplayer features. 

The "pomegranate" update is now live in the Google Play Store. The multiplayer options are now available using both local and online multiplayer services. At first glance, it seems to work really well too. You can choose who you want to play against, or swipe over the quick match option to be taken to a random opponent. 

Beyond this, as with any good update we also get some bug fixes too. There is a compatibility update for a small number of devices that were experiencing a "minor audio bug." 

Download links are after the break. Note though that this update is only for the paid version of the application. 


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You'll have to start a new game though as it breaks your old progress. Even Titanium Backup wouldn't let me restore my saved data. Holding off on this update until they fix it.

redwanhuq says:

Does it still have low-res and ridiculously long loading time for OpenFeint? It burns my eyes playing it on the GNex. One of the reasons I switched to Fruit Slice.

RochelleBr says:

This is one of the most HIGH games I play, I hope to continue to update and look forward to more upgrade works

Wow. It only took them over a year to release this.


Predator04 says:

What do you mean? its a single player game. they decided to add multiplayer. they didn't have to. /Ungrateful

tronthedon says:

The new camera permission is ridiculous. Why hasn't this been mentioned in the article?

Jezz_X says:

Indeed why the hell does a game need to take photos.
Not to mention all the other new permissions like gps location and read your contacts list and phone state.

I get the contact list and gps are probably for the multiplayer stuff but come on its a game I'm not letting it read all my contacts

No way I'm updating to this one

I'm not going to update until they at least explain the permissions, why does this game need access to my camera, contacts and location? and so on..?

Joe H. says:

It's only for the normal version. The THD version didn't get any update

sabret00the says:

Why do they need the phone state and identity?