Fring update

The developers at Fring have updated their video calling application to support the Motorola Atrix and the Dell Streak.  The application isn't yet available in the Market, but a quick trip over the the Fring blog (source link) will give you an email address to request the updated version before it gets uploaded to the Android Market.

This creates a sticky situation with the AT&T devices -- sideloading is blocked by default.  There's no need to fret though, you can use the Sideload Wonder Machine to get past that one.  You'll be chatting face-to-face with friends and family in no time.  [Fring] Thanks, Jeremy!

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slag02 says:

If only fring had a way to automatically associate contacts with their fring accounts much like qik does - i would use it.

If only there was a better way for video chat on the phone - a IEEE standard or something

di55ent#AC says:

That girl's pretty hot..

HackNet says:


IZZY Dead says:

Fringe what? Whats her name?

briankurtz79 says:

Is the quality better than tango? Cause the easy of use is definatly not.

Eazy123 says:

Before I even went to the comments, I KNEW they'd mostly consist of "Woah...that girl is hot".

FreudSlipped says:

LOL. Yeah, I checked the comments just to see how many people she made skip a heartbeat.

Terrigno says:

YUP. She can get it. Android Style lmao

Ytaay says:

Not only would I fring the holy bejeezus outta that chick, I would also sideload her till the cows came home.

Holy moley guacamole!