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The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the surprise success stories of the past year, and as a successful product, it's no surprise to see rumors of successor circulating. The latest Galaxy Note 2 reports give some pause for thought, however. Korean news site MK says it's talked with "an official familiar with Samsung's product development," and is claiming to have details of the next Galaxy Note, including some tentative hardware specs, and news that it'll launch at this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany.

The IFA news isn't too surprising when you consider that's where the original Note made its debut in 2011. But the reported spec list makes for tantalizing reading -- a 5.5-inch screen, quad-core CPU and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are all claimed for the Galaxy Note 2. And there's the suggestion that the camera may be upgraded to a 12 or 13MP unit, compared to the 8MP sensor in the original Note. Interestingly, Samsung's thinner, lighter Unbreakable Plane (UBP) display tech will apparently not be debuting in the next Galaxy Note, with the manufacturer instead opting to save it for the next major product, MK says.

If the Note 2 does launch at IFA, we can probably expect a Q4 international release, which would tie in with MK's​ reports that the new phone-tablet hybrid will be positioned to compete against Apple's next iPhone.

Given the popularity of the original Note, a successor was always going to be on the cards, and everything MK​ is reporting certainly sounds feasible. Whatever Samsung shows at IFA this August, we'll be there to bring you full, live coverage


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ChuckG73 says:

Notice how anything Nexus touches becomes a success story.....

coraphise says:

Sorry... the first mention of Nexus on this page is your comment. I thought they were talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Sure, the same manufacturer is involved. But really, where does that come from? (Serious question, I want to make sure I have all the info I need before I decide to buy things).

BIGG13 says:

I would also like to now how the Nexus has anything to do with the Note or this article. The only things they have in common are Samsung and JB.

BIGG13 says:

I would also like to now how the Nexus has anything to do with the Note or this article. The only things they have in common are Samsung and JB.

BIGG13 says:

I would also like to now how the Nexus has anything to do with the Note or this article. The only things they have in common are Samsung and JB.

Saneless says:

We get it Bigg, you'd like to know

iPwn says:

Nice combo breaker.

fasnic says:

Awesome... This will make it that my upgrade later this year can go for this.

omgitswes says:

Please please please have this come to VZW. I know more than likely the US wont get quad core, not sure why though. But this is the phone I've been waiting on.

Current quad-core chips are not compatible with LTE. Although Nvidia is supposed to release their LTE-compatible version of Tegra 3 later this year.

91_z28_4me says:

Then how does the Exynos LTE Samsung S3 exist in Korea?

RueGorE says:

I was about to point out the exact same thing. I'm still quite annoyed that no one has been able to answer this question.

speculatrix says:

maybe samsung only just got their LTE support ready on exynos and were holding the best chips back for their home market?

Hmm, I've missed that. But, yeah, maybe they were holding the best chips back for their own market.

fguills says:

Sprint needs to jump on board!!!!

crxssi says:

It is so funny when translations just don't work. Great new Note motto:

"Feel Free, It's Galaxy Note!"

Um, yeah. I guess it could be worse- could have said "Feel Delicious, It's Galaxy Note!"


richard_rsp says:

This is gonna be interesting. I am seriously on the fence about what my next phone will be. Currently, I am an iPhone 4 user with a contract up in November. While I like the iPhone, I have been really digging the size of the Note for its usability as a PDA (plus, ICS has SOME feeling of my old beloved webOS). Had they brought the Note to Verizon, I would have likely already changed over (kinda glad they didnt now that the 2 is being released so soon!). I am also a Blackberry user (work phone and pre webOS phone)and I would also be interested in a Blackberry 10 device (but I dont think I will be able to wait that long.

So, in November, it will be iPhone 5 vs Note vs Waiting (for BB10)vs ???who knows???.... this is gonna be tough.

trekmario says:

Yea Please vzn get this. Ill get rid of my unlimited plan for this. Hehe he

turb0wned says:

Phone companies should only be allowed to make 2 phones a year.

HTC- 2 one series
Samsung- 2 Galaxy series
Motorola- 2 Razr series
LG- 2 of whatever crap they are making

Nexus- 1 of the best pure phones a year.

This would fix so many problems with Android. Phones would actually be updated, less fragmentaion.

bipoler#AC says:


That would truly be best for consumers.

Though, I would be willing for 3 from each to meet each "magic" price point ($99, 149, 199). Even if the only difference was different storage options.

There are just too many options that it is tough to attract the iPhone crowd that many choose because of the simple option choices.

turb0wned says:

That would work to.

crxssi says:


gagdude says:

This is a great idea to solve the problem of less fragmentation, but manufacturers want to make more phones for profit, and it also ruins one of the biggest advantages Android has over iOS. What is that? Diversit. Choice. Slide out keyboards, portrait keyboards, small screen, big screen. Low end phones for people who don't give a crap about super high end specs but want a phone that gets the job done with Android.
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is definitely not high end. 200 something MB of RAM, 800 MHz CPU ARMv6, but its insanely popular outside the US and people within the US are buying it on eBay.
Even now, whether someone should get the Galaxy Y or Galaxy Mini 2 is pretty common. Its a question on Youtube reviews' comments 0_o.
Apple is criticized by Android fans (like me) for forcing their customers onto a single device every year. Android won't be much different with 9 per year, and without those other
manufactures like Huawei (sounds dumb but look at the Ascend's success).

evobb100 says:

I believe Sprint will bring to US

Quis89 says:

5.5 inches? On a phone? Why? Where would that go comfortably? I've never tried to pocket the original Note. But this just seems too big. The 4.7 I've got on my EVO LTE is as big as I could see myself going.

themuffinman says:

Yeah, I said that with my 3.2" touch pro 1, I said it again, with my 3.6" touch pro 2, damn it, I said it again with my 4.3" evo and wouldn't you know that I said it again with my 4.7" evo lte? So I will say it again, 5.5" for a phone really is to damn big but if it has a 1080p screen I may end up getting it anyway then say that anything larger than that is too big.

crxssi says:

LOL- I know what you mean

Saneless says:

I still feel my 4.7" phone is too big. I'm getting used to it, finally, after a month, but if it were a little smaller I'd be happier.

hmmm says:

One thing for me is that my evo lte (4.7" screen) is more comfortable than my evo shift (3.6" screen) in my pocket.

The main reason is because the evo shift used to fall over sideways in my pocket all the time so that the longest part of the phone was perpendicular to my body. With the larger phones, like the evo lte, they tend to stay upright so even though they may be bigger the longer part of the phone is running parallel to the length of my leg which is more comfortable.

Kind of hard to explain but it is surprising that the larger phones work better in my front pockets than the phones that are smaller. Not sure how that would translate to a phone with a 5.5" screen but I'm guessing the phone is still narrower than the length of smaller phones that tend to fall over in my pockets.

epkin says:

Been using 5.3" Galaxy Note (AT&T US) since the day it was released -- and my only real complaint so far is that I would like it to be just a touch bigger. I think 5.5-5.7" is exactly right.

anthony2558 says:

Any mention to compete with any "i" product.... here come the patent wars....

samirsshah says:

8 MP -> 12 MP, Good decision
UBP to next major product, Good decision

RaiderWill says:

Samsung is on fire.

In 2011 no one cared about the Note 1 ( Niche Phone ) So AT&T said "We will take it.. On an Exclusive for 6 months" The rest is history.

You can bet your ass, *All 4 Carrier's* will have a version of the G-Note 2 just like they have a version of the S3.

Glad I passed on the S3.

I won't give up my Verizon unlimited data for this phone like someone in an earlier comment said, but I sure would pay retail for it.. which is what I would have to do anyway since I am in the middle of my contract term.

Let's see: save $150.00 a month from now until Black Friday..... Yep.. That will do it!

Love Divine says:

Exynos 5250 or bust.

HD Super Amoled+ or bust.

RaiderWill says:

True That.

But, the Exynos 5250 AND the T-604 GPU..

2nd choice:

Qualcomm's shiny new MSM8064 Quad-Core CPU with its intergrated LTE coupled with the Adreno 320 GPU..

But.. I got a feeling that the Qualcomm Quad will debut with the December release of the Galaxy Nexus 2..

hmmm says:

Processor I don't care about. They all run great and you will never notice the difference in use. Display, on the other hand, is something I do care about. I will never buy another phone with a pentile screen after using the Nexus S. I hate pentile.

Note 2 might be my forever phone&tab :)

Surely AT&T will have it . . .

hmmm says:


Ya, but that word reminds me of baby pablum . . .

Christmas is going to be fun this year! :D

VDub2174 says:

5.5 screen though? This is getting ridiculous.

For users with decreasing vision, a 5.5" display is miraculous :) :)

Floss82 says:

Sounds awesome!!! I just hope when it ships here in the US , all 4 major carriers gets them on time like the SGS3:)

ayg says:

I dream of pentaband for the Note 2... or at least I have delusions of pentaband to keep me from buying the T-Mobile Note coming out soon. I don't care about 42 HSPA+, 21 is fine as long as it has the AWS bands.

dallasfever says:

I been waiting for the Note 2. Holding on to Epic Touch and Galaxy Nexus till Note 2 comes out. That will be my official tablet and phone in one. No more talk about tablets for me.

va2azerik says:

I have been sticking with my Nexus S 4g, but if Sprint gets the Note 2 I think I might get one of these. I would only talk with a headset though and seeing as I don't use up my 450 anytime minutes anyway this cell would be a good fit for me.