Sprint Evo 4G

To say everybody's excited about the Sprint Evo 4G is a bit of an understatement, at best. You're blowing up our forums (and inboxes) with pictures, videos and questions. Here's what's at the tip of your tongues:

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Reader comments

From the forums: Evo, Evo everywhere ...


I for one will be heading out there very early. The stores open at 10 a.m. but there is a chance I am told by a Sprint Rep. that they may actually open early for the magical day!

That would be infinitely sweet if Best Buy opened up early or did a midnight release, but I am on a schedule for 10 AM june 4th so I am almost positive I will just have to wait til then, tho the mobile guy DID say there is a chance they will release early... *crosses fingers*

Radio Shack right next to my job, opens at 9am... and the guys knows I'll be there.

He told me I better not be late, hahahahah, I want to be out of there no later than 9:05 using my device!

why even camp out if you already preorder a phone 0_o!! Im just saying if you already guaranteed a phone why even bother waking up early. Just go pick up your preorder htc evo and smile :)

Does anyone know if the Evo can be used overseas (Europe)? This is a great looking phone, but I do a lot of traveling and use my phone while traveling.