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We hope everyone reading this spends at least a little bit of time on the forums.  Spend enough time there and you're sure to see the Moderators hanging around threads, helping members and just generally nerding about the latest and greatest devices like everyone else.  We do other things, too, that don't get as much focus here on Android Central.  

We're really just regular people just like all of you.  Don't believe me?  We have Google+ pages, and it's a great way to interact with us and find out, especially from your Android device.  Hit the break for the links to our pages.

Talk to you soon!


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You clearly need to leave your mother's basement more often. Not saying she's ugly but sheesh you act like you never seen a woman before.

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Just added the others, I already follow Jerry and Phil and there are some interesting and entertaining posts.

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It's easy to use (g+) and I find it entertaining with plenty of people to follow and interact with. Plus the auto backup feature is great. I never got into using Facebook so it wasn't something else I had to maintain. Plus just having a Facebook account all it seemed I got were notifications for game requests. Don't get that with G+.

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Same here. I have an account but don't use it, as only one person I know semi-activly uses it. Only 5-6 people I know have accounts, and all but one only set up the account and haven't touched it since-no posts, profile picture that's 2 years old and hasn't been touched since. The one who uses it sometimes only posts every few weeks, where they post almost daily or every other day on Facebook. I just have no real point to go on.

I've never seen over half of the people on the Google+ list in this post including Jennifer! I know Jerry, Alex, Phil, and Andrew by memory. All of the other people, I've never seen!

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

I only bother to circle people that post something. Otherwise, what's the point of following them?

The key to Google+ is to be engaging.

I follow nearly everyone who follows me, tbh. But you pose a great question. I believe the point is to get to know us better as individuals.

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Well obviously I can't speak for all of them. I know you're much more social with your followers.

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